Wednesday, March 10, 2010

U visit the shops/area around Island Plaza, Penang...then read this.

Do you frequent the area/shops around Island Plaza in Penang? If you do, then please read on. My husband made a trip to Island Plaza recently. Since it was just a short visit to Cold Storage he thought he'd park his car here. Where? It is a small vacant place directly opposite Cold Storage. I mean as you walk up the stairs to get out from Cold Storage. Stand right at the entrance/exit and look opposite you. You can see this little triangle/oblong (sort of) empty space next to the canal (longkang). Well, since there are spaces left for parking, he thought he'd just park his car there. He parked his car (no one was there) and proceeded to Cold Storage. However, when he went to get his car, a man walked up to him and said "Dua ringgit". Huh? Hubby asked. The man said again, "Dua ringgit' (two ringgit). Hubby asked him where is the sign as he thought that is a free parking space. No, the man said the land belonged to him and the parking sign has been stolen. In order not to risk having his car scratched or tyre punctured, hubby paid the 'dua ringgit'.
A receipt was issued. I don't know if this is legal or not. Even the date written is wrong. I do not think it is worth paying the two ringgit. Sometimes, it isn't the money that is the issue here. It is these illegal parking attendants that are the issue. Imagine paying two ringgit when it should be free and two ringgit for just some 15-20 minutes of parking? I mean had we been informed by means of a sign that parking is RM2 then it will be alright but there is no sign at all shown/placed anywhere. Cheated outright is what I'm shouting here. So, BE AWARE of what is happening and DO NOT park your car here, in this little space. It is actually the small space between the railings of the big drain and the road.
***I went back to the same place last night. The man as what was told by husband, wasn't around. Bet on it, he will be when you collect your car and that was what happened when a group of 3 college students (I think they are) went and collect their Kancil. He demanded 'dua ringgit' from them. They had to pay. Oh these 'jaga keretas' are such a menace. Darn! :o(

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