Friday, April 23, 2010

What I saw.....she did this for 24 hours plus!

Look closely inside the cage. There is a new-born puppy inside (circled). I witnessed something I've never seen before in my life. Of course, I must say I'm not a dog breeder and the youngest puppies I have or seen are nursing ones. What is happening to this mother dog first surprised me, and then had my eyes welling up with tears.
The dog's 'mama' is the lady in the green blouse. I avoided her face as she was all teary, and puffy eyed. Look at the dog and what she is about to do. No, she isn't getting ready to poo. She is getting ready to try and push out another foetus and this.......she has been doing for the past 24 hours!!!! I don't know how many times she circled and did the act of pushing (delivering) the hour I was there. It was such a sad and pitiful sight. The look on the dog's face. The people at the Clinic asked the lady why didn't she bring the dog in to the Vet earlier. Lady said she didn't know and also she thought with the next push....the puppy will be delivered. Poor dog. Apparently (as what the lady told us there), her children thought it would be nice to have a litter of puppies! Maybe the male was a larger breed?? Have to say not all know everything about dogs. According to the Veterinarian, the puppy is too big to be delivered naturally. Dog will be operated on to have the puppy/puppies taken out. Let us hope the lady learnt something from this experience. :o)

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puppies are cute =)