Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Now you can check passport details of anyone...everyone!!!

I have just received an e-mail stating that the personal information in our passports are now available online due to the move for globalize screening of entries and exits of people in most, if not all countries. This information has been accessed through the databases maintained by all countries at entry/exit points.

It is scary that they are doing this now. It does not only invade our privacy, but exposes us to danger, if these information land on the wrong hands. The matter that gives me a fright is that there is no strict form of security to access the site. One only needs to type his name and country of citizenship and the passport's identification page displays. I myself tried to search and found my passport and was totally stunned....what I saw!

Please check for yourself!

Click here to check your passport details



ohmywtf said...

hey...ru sure the source is reliable?? i dont dared to check it..lol

Arief Arf said...

this is dangerous..
i opened the link, but scared to put in any names.


Bubbles...ooo said...

Hi to both of you. So u guys checked out the website eh? Like you two, I was scared too but curiosity got the better of me....I typed in many names! So shocking...! BTW, Arief, good to see you hear. Long time missing you. Best Regards. :o)