Wednesday, May 26, 2010

She is back.....where she was

Hunzi is back where she was. It has been over a month since I last posted on her. Her surgery went well. The little protruding bone was cut off and she is also spayed. She is now running all over the neighborhood albeit with a limp. She looks happy as she doesn't 'know anything'. She also behaves 'funny' now. She is fearful of me. Each time I turned up with food, she'll sit at a distance and look at me suspiciously. heeeheee......Yeah, I would like to think she is thinking if I'm going to catch her and take her somewhere again. Somewhere where she was 'cut up' and waking up in a cage. Oh, Hunzi, I did what I had to do. I am hoping she'll let me pat her on her head one day soon. I tried looking for a place to put her but failed. The negotiations I had with a lady who has a piece of land came to naught. Right now, we (those who brings food to these few strays) are praying that she and the others will hang on in there till.....P.A.S.S. comes up with the sanctuary. With no where 'legal' to put them, all we can do is PRAY that these animals are smart and quick enough to go into hiding when the enforcement officers come shooting! The upcoming Food Fair tickets are still on sale. If you think you have time to spare and would like to lend a helping hand, please contact P.A.S.S. P.A.S.S. will be having a press conference (cyclethon) on 31st May, 2010 at 11:00 am. It will be at G Hotel. If you would like to attend to show your support for P.A.S.S. please contact P.A.S.S. :o)


Shropshire lad and Suffolk lass said...

She looks so relaxed. Very well done. I hope she learns to trust your good ways again. It's just impossible to impart that idea of "It's the best thing for you, I promise." I am watching PASS progress on Facebook and wish you all well. K said...

Hi K, So sorry this was overlooked. Yes, Hunzi look really relaxed.She'll wag her tail whenever I 'dropped into' the drain to check on her. We do wish many times these animals will understand why we do what we did to them, no? Happy that you r interested in PASS. We r 'round the corner'...YES! Best regards to you and T.:o)