Monday, June 14, 2010

P.A.S.S.- Pet Adoption Day

Many turned up to support this event of P.A.S.S. The Dog & Owner look-alike competition and the Dog & Owner Eating competition was so interesting and fun to watch. From the pictures, you can see that many turned up to support. From the Committee, THANK YOU FOR TURNING UP. This event is also t highlight and 'make-known' the mission of P.A.S.S. and also the up coming event - P.A.S.S. Charity Food Fair which will be held on the 27th of June 2010 (Sunday).
Special THANKS to the main sponsor of this event - Specializ Pet Care Centre located @ A5/K09 Level 5, Prangin Mall. Penang. Tel No: 04-5394998. Owner : Mr. Ronan Lim
The puppies that were brought for adoption. 2 were adopted. 2 kittens were also adopted. (One last puppy left behind was also adopted.) A dog belonging to a participant. In the pictures are volunteers who turned up to lend a helping hand.
Contestants getting ready together with their pets for the Dog & Owner Eating competition.
Dr. Lim from SPCA Seberang Perai (with microphone) explaining the rules of the competition. He mentioned that this is a First of its kind competition. Hurray for P.A.S.S.
Pretty maids in a row (with their dogs) waiting for the Eating competition to begin.
For the lady owners, they have to swallow, gulp, whatever at the two pieces of bread and wash it down with water. The dogs, they have it better.....canned food.
Look at how this little one eats! Just don't you judge it by its size. This one sure does eat at lightning speed. Most were excited for this little one and edging its owner, bite...swallowwww! Just like the dog, the owner is equally beautiful and cute. Here in the picture, she is trying her utmost best to eat as fast as her dog. This one is one 'neat' eater.
Helooo! We are done!3 finished....1 more still struggling. Prize presentation. 1st prize winner. ** Prizes were all sponsored by Specializ Pet Care Centre.
2nd prize winner. 3rd Prize winner. This pair won the Dog & Owner Look-alike Competition. I missed out on this competition.
Dr. Lim thanking all the participants who turned up. They have been very supportive in every way.
P.A.S.S. committee members going around asking for donations.
To all who turned up, the P.A.S.S. committee hope you enjoyed yourselves. Thank you (on behalf of the committee). Hope to see you all at the upcoming CHARITY FOOD FAIR on 27th June 2010 @ Times Square. 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.:o)


v!vi@n said...

OMG, all those doggie so cute.... said...

They are not only cute. They are very tame and obedient. Imagine them sitting on the table all the time. :o)