Monday, July 26, 2010

One Direct Selling encounter....A big ACHE

If you've visited my blog you will notice that I have on my header a e-marketing by Cosway. I have a very bitter taste on my tongue and have decided to take down the Cosway header. Forget about Direct Selling Companies. My big ache isn't with Cosway but Nuskin. Any of you ever been approached to sign up for their programme? The so-called TRA (The right approach) programme? I have and thus.....the beginning of my nightmare..../s! I have just written a letter to our Ministry of Domestic Health...... after much running around looking for solutions. I will post everything here right from point A and how I got into this mess. Mess??? Oh...what a mess!:o(

Monday, July 12, 2010

Master Por Cheng Han's journey....

Finally I have news of Master Por Cheng Han. If you are interested, curious and....worried about his progress, visit his personal blog. Please Click here to read more. :o)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Por Cheng Han - Flag Off on 3rd July 2010

Click here to find out more about this - Cycle for a Cause.

Mstr. Por Cheng Han will be flagged off : Time : 8:00 am
Venue : Juru Autocity
Date : 3rd July 2010 (Saturday)

ALL are welcome to come and give him a rousing send-off.:o)

**Check out this site for additional details.

Post P.A.S.S. Charity Food Fair...

The Big Day is has arrived! After almost 3 months of ticket selling, discussions on what to sell, what will sell and how we are going to sell.....we are finally here! Believe it or not, I could not sleep the night before. I am going to be a hawker for one day, today at the P.A.S.S Charity Food Fair. I think I am not the only one, all of us who are roped in to help will have the same feelings as me; nervous, anxious and excited! ??? I am excited as this is my first time participating in a charity do not just selling tickets but......coming up with something to sell!
The Food Fair was scheduled to begin at 10:00am but take a look, we have people who are already here and it is barely 10:00am. Hawkers, volunteers, committee members, members, etc...etc...were still busy setting up their stalls. Fresh fruits, cut and uncut, cakes, curry puffs, qui ling gao, jelly (many kinds), potato balls in syrup......[pictures below in sequence]Look! Second-hand clothes too.....
Volunteers, sponsors getting their stalls ready and many supporters waiting around impatiently to just start.....buying and eating! is so exiciting.
'Roti bak-kua' (BBQ pork slices in buns)....
Yum Yum Yummy.......drumsticks for the Chicken Rice
Wife of the Vice-President of P.A.S.S. helping to man a stall. There was already a hive of activity even before the arrival of our State Executive Councilor YB Chow Kon Yeow who was invited to officiate the opening of the P.A.S.S. Charity Food Fair. Here in the picture below, YB Chow Kon Yeow giving a speech at the opening.
Committee member of P.A.S.S. getting ready her 'goodies' for sale.YB Chow taking a walk around with the President of P.A.S.S. Datuk Leslie Lee.
Wahhhh.....'chiin lau juak ah'...... was what I heard many times. The crowd, it was huge. Happy, noisy, busy atmosphere was the description I had in my mind. Each time I meet a PASS committee member I can't help saying these words....wah so many people.
This 'muah-chee' seller came in her own motor-cycle stall.
Advisor to P.A.S.S. Dr Roland Lim (in yellow shirt) having a chat with Datuk Leslie Lee, the President of P.A.S.S. A committee member selling tickets......yeah, everyone works hard in this Society.
There was a Healthy Dog Competition and also a Fancy Dress (Dog) Competition. What amazes me was how well-behaved they were. How I wish I wasn't so busy at my own stall. I really wanted to take picture after picture after picture of these furries. Picture below shows owners with their pets waiting for the Competitions to begin. Patiently.....waiting.
The Healthy Dog Competition has started......Dr. Roland Lim......"now let me see....are they twins? (these words are mine and not from Dr. Lim's mouth okay haahaaa) This young man brought two Pomeranians and they look so identical. Really cute.
Another contestant for the Healthy Dog competition.Announcing the winner of the Healthy Dog competition.....Vice-President of P.A.S.S. Mr. Parama Nathan (man in white shirt) waiting to give away the prizes. So sorry folks, I couldn't stay around this area long enough for the prize presentation. My stall was beckoning me! I hope everyone had fun at this competition. Waiting for the next competition the Fancy Dress Competition.... Notice the committee member of P.A.S.S. busy at work? She is Mrs. Nornee Lim and she is distributing flyers for the next event.....Cyclethon. This is one society where each and every committee member works hard. I know Mrs Lim does.
Let the Competition begin.....Fancy Dress Competition
Again, I missed out on everything. When I returned to this area, everything was over. It really wasn't easy being a hawker. ahaaahaaa......just joking. I am actually having so much fun walking up, down, all over. In fact, I'm everywhere! Fancy cup-cakes. They look too good to be eaten. I bought a bag and had them in my fridge for two days before I took them out and chow them....couldn't resist anymore.
Pretty maidens manning the Kittybakes stall. If you would like more information visit this site. I took a walk around the whole venue looking for something to bite before I faint. Lack of sleep, lack of food.....ahhhh I thought popiah would be nice. These people are kind to come and lend P.A.S.S. their support. The popiah I would say edible lor.
I think these children are from St. Joseph Orphanage. Complimentary tickets were handed over to this orphanage courtesy of buyers who donated their book/books of tickets. Thank you to all the kind donors. Complimentary tickets were also given to the Home for the Aged and Infirm courtesy of kind donors too.

Look at all the people enjoying their food and time.
Wife of P.A.S.S.'s Vice-president selling Qui Ling Gao. I think (okay just guessing) the lady must be telling her this. Oh, please give me more honey, you know I like my Qui Ling Gao with lots of honey. :)
Mr. Vice-president taking a breather.......
The time is still aplenty. Here come the emcees to promote what's selling at the stalls. Going cheap, prices going down.....blah...blah..... We have two fantastic emcees. Around 1:30pm, the crowd still here....still tucking in.
There was even a Raffles tickets draw. Wow....take a look at the prizes. They are really attractive.Alright, I think I needn't have to tell you who the Grand prize winner was. Her toothsome smile will tell you everything.
Laksa, Hokkien Mee, Nasi Bryani, Koay Teow Th'ng, Char Koay Teow, Chicken Rice, Thai pancakes, Curry puffs......the list goes on. Ample variety of food, nice people, nice prizes, nice time and GREAT FUN. If you had been there, I'm sure you would agree with me. I have had a few feed backs and they were good ones. One even said that P.A.S.S. should do this Food Fair again. Would we? When I take a last look and took this picture, I actually felt sad. Even hubby asked if I'm reluctant to leave the place. I think the rest of the committee would be experiencing the same good but sad (it ended so quickly) feeling as well. Panda eyes, swollen feet, swollen thumb (I accidentally hammered my own thumb the night before. Ouch!), lots of anxiety before the day arrived.......all in I would say it was worth it. Every single bit. We are now one more step closer to the Sanctuary coming up. Hurray!
Till we meet hope you guys enjoyed yourselves lots. MANY THANKS to all the volunteers and supporters from the Committee of P.A.S.S. I am extending these on behalf of the Committee. On my personal side, my heartfelt Thanks to Chris and Swen of Blue Reef who sponsored 200 cute containers for my food, helped with the selling of the tickets and pasting flyers all over in their shop even in the toilets! They are so kind and helpful. :o)