Thursday, August 19, 2010

Please pray for Lucien (sorry name is LUCIAN)

I have permission to repost this. Click to read more. When you say your prayers, say one for Lucian too. TQ. Tsk....tsk...The person who did this is not just a monster as over here (in Malysia) we will call this person an animal. How can anyone be so sick as to do this? I don't know in what way but the person will be prosecuted. Keep in touch with the blog to find out more.

I wonder what will happen to the person if this were to happen in Malaysia. ***I received feedback from a reader that the fine for such act is only RM100! Tsk...tsk...:o(

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enough! I want my money in FULL!

One will never know until you are IN IT! This was what I found out. In Direct Sales, you are on your own after you put your signature. There is nothing you can do with your up line as they are bound by this 6 months rule. In my case, the Company was not going to take responsibility/s for the 'tidak apa' (could not be bothered) attitude of JL and the inconsistent supply of products therefore the programme is not going to work, etc. etc. I did not know that I will be dealing directly and only with JL (good or bad) the minute I signed the agreement. That this Company has an agreement with a Group who is in charge of all the sales personnel. Explanation like the programme was broken three times and JL's work ethics is not right does not carry any weight. You have this answer all the time. 'I'm sorry Miss, the sales people are not under us. The Company is not responsible. All I can do is to assist you to get a refund.'
Now, what did I ask for? I asked for a payment for the balance of products. It was refused as the sales person (up line and all included) and the Company felt that I should take delivery of the balance. I was offered an amount of RM1,600 and I am still wondering how this figure was arrived at. I made many phone calls to the Company. I was not going to deal with JL anymore so a Staff acted as the mediator. Up until this point, I was not directed to anyone who is relevant Marketing, Training or even Sales Department personnel of this Company. It was not an important issue. It was small. I was asked by Miss Doctor to take up my case with the Consumers Association as I 'have no case'. I had no case? From the end of May, this case dragged on to June and then July. I have had enough. All that happened was my products was not delivered on time thus causing my programme to be broken. Who is reponsible? The Company has a disclaimer. The sales personnel think she has not done anything wrong. I, on the other end signed an agreement and paid in FULL.
My next move was to complain to the Consumers Association of Penang. Even CAP could not help, as Direct Selling is not under their jurisdiction. I could not wait a day more. I went a step further on the advice of CAP. I wrote to The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives & Consumerism. Who says 'I do not have a case?' I studied the book of conduct from DSAM and I knew that there were many 'wrongs' that JL committed. I decided to add The Direct Selling Association of Malaysia and The Consumers Association of Penang in my letter.
I do not have a case because I have no invoices and no receipts. I was not given any in the first place for I trusted this unctuous person. It is against the law sell someone something without an invoice and a receipt. My letter did bring results. YES, I do have a case. I am in the midst of finalising this issue and am now waiting.....:o) be continued

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is Up Line change allowed?

It took me many days of thinking after the third disappearance of JL, her lackasaidal and her 'I'm not wrong' attitude, to file a complaint to the Company. I wanted a change in my up line. To me it was not the products that I have complains about but JL. It will take six months for an upline change to take effect and I have to keep my account inactive. Everything from the 6 months' period and the inactive account sounds so absurd. It will mean that I am not allowed to purchase anything under my account. Remember it was Company's policy that only 2 weeks' supply of products is given each visit? JL sent me a text asking when I will be free as I have six weeks' of products with her. Suddenly, I am allowed to have 6 weeks' products all at once!
Many phone calls, many emails were sent but the answer is still NO. Change of upline not allowed. Now that leaves little for me to wonder why JL behaved as she did. She knew I am stuck with her the minute I put my signature on the order form. I had my order cancelled. What transpired after the cancellation was really interesting.
This Company wasn't interested in my complaints. It does not matter what was being reported about their sales people. According to the person I spoke to; the Company has an agreement with a Group that manages and trains the sales people. The Company isn't responsible for the conduct of the sales people. These facts were unknown to me. What matters most, was for me to take delivery of the remaining products. Does it not make all these reasons and excuses as nothing but ridiculous and specious? No way am I going to take delivery after a break of so many weeks. The programme will not work anymore. My complaint started in June. Even Miss Doctor called asking that I take delivery of the products as according to her, I have paid for the products. This question was asked by me many times, "Why all of a sudden six weeks of products can be given to me?" Miss Doctor called me on night and insisted that I take delivery of the remaining products. I told her the programme is a 3 months' programme and it has been broken meaning it will not work. Her reply was, "Oh, can, it can work. You just continue taking." What? It can work? Now, does it make you curious as to why it was a 3 months' programme in the first place. I could have started on 1 month first and everyone else who is interested. Right? This 3 months' thing is a whole load of crap. I couldn't get a refund for the products, I couldn't change my up line, the Company wasn't responsible for what JL did and my programme didn't work. It now seemed that not only am I losing sleep but money too...:o( be continued

Monday, August 16, 2010

Saying sorry is mark of a humble person....

Mister Bulbir Singh wrote those words above. After this 3rd time of being without products and 'no-show' of JL, I've had enough!!! If only she had said sorry. NO, she was very sure it was my fault and even told me that she was waiting for me to confirm my appointment. Now, why a confirmation when we had appointments fixed right from the first review. Yes, FIXED every week. After many texts and some not so nice ones from JL. Since she decided to be nasty I decided to take action. I wrote in to the Company asking for a change in my up line. I have had enough and I wasn't going to be under this person anymore. Since it wasn't the products that made me angry or feel cheated, a change in my up line would be continued.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

and the cheating case continues....

By now, you would have guessed that this is a MLM programme that JL brought to me. I have read about this Company and their products mainly the beauty range but not the programme. Now the story as it goes further....JL gave my contact number to one of her friends and this person called me. Hmmm...Wouldn't it be proper etiquette to have asked for my permission first? Out of curiosity I allowed JL to bring this Doctor for a visit. Purpose for their visit? Getting me to introduce my friends into the programme. Of course they weren't so blunt as to tell me that. The doctor said she was curious as JL mentioned that I have progressed well. I explained to this doctor that I've only been on the programme for 1 week and as it is, I am not even sure if it had worked for me. Believe it or not, her reply was this....Oh, never mind one, we are only interested in the business mah, you can make so much....and she started drawing circles and circles trying to show me how much I'll make if I introduce so many, and so many people into the programme. No, I wasn't going to ask my friends to participate in whatever I'm in unless I'm sure the results are good. Did it stop there, I mean after I told this doctor No? It DID NOT. How can anyone start to introduce a product so soon? It does not matter if your programme hasn't even started to work. I didn't have just Miss Doctor sending texts to me. With Miss Doctor, I had her stop her texts. With JL, I couldn't stop the texts. Texts come in at odd hours. Miss Doctor texts you telling you how nice the Convention went in Malacca at such a time as 11:30pm then another text come in from JL telling you again the Convention was so good. Then past 12 m/n another text comes in telling you how she (JL) is craving for the Laksa, etc. My nightmare has just started. I get text messages in the morning that goes like this....Good morning, I am going to the market now. I am no early bird so that bothered me. Then in the late afternoon text will come in that goes like this....I am waiting to see a customer. In the evening you will be lucky if you get just one message that goes like this....having laksa with maid now. Omigosh......!!! This is the one part.
Now we'll get back to my programme. 2nd week, JL turned up for the 'to check my progress' appointment. Was it just this? I do not think so for she asked if I have asked my hubby to sign up for the programme as according to her hubby is fat and has a high visceral fat reading. No, my hubby won't be interested in such programme. Then she asked about my friend. Again it was a No as I'm not ready. To all these, this was her reply. Well, if you want them to die then I cannot do anything. Goodness gracious, I will never imagine anything like her reply. This isn't the end.
3rd week, we have an appointment. Guess what? JL went out of the state again. What about my appointment? Kaput....gone! JL turned up for the 4th week's (to her it was the 3rd) appointment and she didn't mention anything about the missed appointment. She came to check on my progress and I asked her what progress? I asked her if she is aware that I was without my products for a week. She has the cheek to tell me this...Oh, you look so good so I will excuse you for not following the programme for a week. Never mind, it is alright (that is of course according to her). By the way, she told me that I should let her know when I run out of products. I was agitated and asked did I not pay in FULL for the whole programme? Yes but Company's policy that products are given on a fortnightly basis. Ah well....
Remember that it was the spa that got me interested enough to sit down and listen? I didn't forget the spa but some how JL has forgotten and for the whole 3 weeks, it is always this.....oh dear, I forgot to bring the spa again. So another week, another appointment went by and I'm still missing my spa. I will take a break here for now and will be back with the next chapter of what this so-called 'friend' did. :o) be continued

CHEATED! a friend

Have you ever been cheated by your friend? I mean someone who calls herself a friend. I have just been by this so-called 'friend'. Uh....not just, but recently. JL (letus call her such) came by my house one day after more than a decade of 'disappearance'. Maybe I should have trusted my instincts and not gotten in touch with her. In one of her emails, JL mentioned about a health programme that she was into but did not elaborate. I thought it was an insurance scheme.
It was during one of our conversations that a beauty spa was mentioned. I was interested in the spa, as I have read about so many types of spas in the newspapers and have yet to see one. Appointment made and she arrived with many bags. I helped her and noticed that one bag was particularly heavy. You would ask what is in the bag due to the weight; I mean human nature is such that we would ask. I did and she took this 'machine' out and told me that it is a scanner. A scanner? I thought it was the spa that you are supposed to show me. I couldn't help asking her. Explanation blah... this scanner measures your visceral fats, biological age, height and weight. Curiosity always kills the cat. It fascinated me and I allowed her to measure everything. JL took measurements of my height, weight, visceral fats level and also my biological age. On her scale of under, normal and over, I rate normal. Now, she has this health programme called The right approach. Do I need it? Well, I wouldn't have signed up had I known that it was a weight loss programme. She told me she used to suffer from very bad gastritis and curled up too in bed, just like me. She has since recovered with the programme. That was how I got into the programme. A three months' programme that according to her will work with very good results if taken for three months continuously. Did I trust? Was I gullible? I signed up paying in full for the whole programme. Maybe I was tired by then as JL had been in the house from 2:00pm (could be 2:30pm) and by the time the form was taken out, it was way past 11:00pm. Three days later, she arrived with the products. Gees.....wasn't it the spa that she wanted to show me? She took my weight, height and the scanner shows your biological age and visceral fats level automatically. Take note of this, she brought only 2 weeks supply of my products. I paid in full through credit card arrangements. Oh, it is Company's policy that 2 weeks' supply of product is given, as I (referring to herself) have to check your progress. Progress? Isn't this a programme to aid me get rid of my bad cholesterol? Of course, I trusted this so-called friend. I went with everything she said and asked me to do. I consumed the products for a week and she arrived on the eighth day to take my measurements again. Oh, VERY GOOD results. She was referring to my weight and whatever nonsense that appeared on the scale. MY....miracle products, don't you think so? It has been only a week and you get good results. I forgot, JL told me that I'm not fit and out of shape, in other words, fat. I am 160cm and I weigh 51.2 kg (at that time). On top of helping with my cholesterol, etc, etc, it will help my body reshape. WOW! :o) be continued

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Filling petrol? Please take note....

Here is something worth taking note:

Beware when using credit card to fill petrol. Just got to know about this case through a friend that this thing actually happened to one of his co-workers.

She used her
credit card to purchase gas at the pump (like most of us do). She received her receipt like normal. However, when she checked her statement, there were 2 x RM50 charges added in addition to her purchase.

Upon investigation, she found out that because she did not press the
'CLEAR ' button at the pump, the employee inside the store was able to use her card to purchase his/her own gas!

To keep this from happening, after you get your receipt, you
must press the 'CLEAR ' button or your information will be stored until the next customer inserts their card.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

PASS....what is happening

I have not posted anything on PASS lately. Thousand apologies. 'Work' has not stopped. Mrs Nornee gave me the latest update. The land that was allocated to PASS earlier turned out to be too close to the road. Another piece has just been allocated and our local Council has approved the land. They are waiting for PASS to submit their plan which our Vice-President is working very hard on. The committee and all involved are anxious to get the sanctuary started. With regards to funds, will always be needed according to the committee member I spoke to. We are still short of funds to begin with. All committee members are 'cracking' their heads planning events to raise more funds. Even when the sanctuary is up, PASS will need funds to feed all the animals housed at the sanctuary and also the up keeping of the place. It wouldn't be wrong to say with this kind of charity there will be no end to fund raising. I will try to keep everyone informed of upcoming events. Do stay 'tuned'. Thank you for your interest. All the best. :o)