Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enough! I want my money in FULL!

One will never know until you are IN IT! This was what I found out. In Direct Sales, you are on your own after you put your signature. There is nothing you can do with your up line as they are bound by this 6 months rule. In my case, the Company was not going to take responsibility/s for the 'tidak apa' (could not be bothered) attitude of JL and the inconsistent supply of products therefore the programme is not going to work, etc. etc. I did not know that I will be dealing directly and only with JL (good or bad) the minute I signed the agreement. That this Company has an agreement with a Group who is in charge of all the sales personnel. Explanation like the programme was broken three times and JL's work ethics is not right does not carry any weight. You have this answer all the time. 'I'm sorry Miss, the sales people are not under us. The Company is not responsible. All I can do is to assist you to get a refund.'
Now, what did I ask for? I asked for a payment for the balance of products. It was refused as the sales person (up line and all included) and the Company felt that I should take delivery of the balance. I was offered an amount of RM1,600 and I am still wondering how this figure was arrived at. I made many phone calls to the Company. I was not going to deal with JL anymore so a Staff acted as the mediator. Up until this point, I was not directed to anyone who is relevant Marketing, Training or even Sales Department personnel of this Company. It was not an important issue. It was small. I was asked by Miss Doctor to take up my case with the Consumers Association as I 'have no case'. I had no case? From the end of May, this case dragged on to June and then July. I have had enough. All that happened was my products was not delivered on time thus causing my programme to be broken. Who is reponsible? The Company has a disclaimer. The sales personnel think she has not done anything wrong. I, on the other end signed an agreement and paid in FULL.
My next move was to complain to the Consumers Association of Penang. Even CAP could not help, as Direct Selling is not under their jurisdiction. I could not wait a day more. I went a step further on the advice of CAP. I wrote to The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives & Consumerism. Who says 'I do not have a case?' I studied the book of conduct from DSAM and I knew that there were many 'wrongs' that JL committed. I decided to add The Direct Selling Association of Malaysia and The Consumers Association of Penang in my letter.
I do not have a case because I have no invoices and no receipts. I was not given any in the first place for I trusted this unctuous person. It is against the law sell someone something without an invoice and a receipt. My letter did bring results. YES, I do have a case. I am in the midst of finalising this issue and am now waiting.....:o) be continued

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