Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Filling petrol? Please take note....

Here is something worth taking note:

Beware when using credit card to fill petrol. Just got to know about this case through a friend that this thing actually happened to one of his co-workers.

She used her
credit card to purchase gas at the pump (like most of us do). She received her receipt like normal. However, when she checked her statement, there were 2 x RM50 charges added in addition to her purchase.

Upon investigation, she found out that because she did not press the
'CLEAR ' button at the pump, the employee inside the store was able to use her card to purchase his/her own gas!

To keep this from happening, after you get your receipt, you
must press the 'CLEAR ' button or your information will be stored until the next customer inserts their card.



Arief Arf said...

omg, really??
i never knew the clear button should be pressed.
that is so dangerous, and im sure many would exploit these kinds of situation..

thanx a lot for the info!


ken said...

really dangerous!
but i usually pay cash =) said...

Hi Ken, You are smart paying by cash. Keep it up.:o) said...

Hi Arief,
U r welcome n I think it is real lor. I didn't know n I never clear my transaction either. So far...I've been lucky but m not taking any more chances. Best regards :o)