Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is Up Line change allowed?

It took me many days of thinking after the third disappearance of JL, her lackasaidal and her 'I'm not wrong' attitude, to file a complaint to the Company. I wanted a change in my up line. To me it was not the products that I have complains about but JL. It will take six months for an upline change to take effect and I have to keep my account inactive. Everything from the 6 months' period and the inactive account sounds so absurd. It will mean that I am not allowed to purchase anything under my account. Remember it was Company's policy that only 2 weeks' supply of products is given each visit? JL sent me a text asking when I will be free as I have six weeks' of products with her. Suddenly, I am allowed to have 6 weeks' products all at once!
Many phone calls, many emails were sent but the answer is still NO. Change of upline not allowed. Now that leaves little for me to wonder why JL behaved as she did. She knew I am stuck with her the minute I put my signature on the order form. I had my order cancelled. What transpired after the cancellation was really interesting.
This Company wasn't interested in my complaints. It does not matter what was being reported about their sales people. According to the person I spoke to; the Company has an agreement with a Group that manages and trains the sales people. The Company isn't responsible for the conduct of the sales people. These facts were unknown to me. What matters most, was for me to take delivery of the remaining products. Does it not make all these reasons and excuses as nothing but ridiculous and specious? No way am I going to take delivery after a break of so many weeks. The programme will not work anymore. My complaint started in June. Even Miss Doctor called asking that I take delivery of the products as according to her, I have paid for the products. This question was asked by me many times, "Why all of a sudden six weeks of products can be given to me?" Miss Doctor called me on night and insisted that I take delivery of the remaining products. I told her the programme is a 3 months' programme and it has been broken meaning it will not work. Her reply was, "Oh, can, it can work. You just continue taking." What? It can work? Now, does it make you curious as to why it was a 3 months' programme in the first place. I could have started on 1 month first and everyone else who is interested. Right? This 3 months' thing is a whole load of crap. I couldn't get a refund for the products, I couldn't change my up line, the Company wasn't responsible for what JL did and my programme didn't work. It now seemed that not only am I losing sleep but money too...:o(
....to be continued


Arief Arf said...

i pity u.
yes, these kinds of company, they are never interested in ur wellbeing or health.
all they want is for you to sign up,
and get stuck with them forever.

Bubbles...ooo said...

Hi Arief, Stay away from Direct Selling and friends who come to you to make your health better. U only give them better wealth. right?