Thursday, August 5, 2010

PASS....what is happening

I have not posted anything on PASS lately. Thousand apologies. 'Work' has not stopped. Mrs Nornee gave me the latest update. The land that was allocated to PASS earlier turned out to be too close to the road. Another piece has just been allocated and our local Council has approved the land. They are waiting for PASS to submit their plan which our Vice-President is working very hard on. The committee and all involved are anxious to get the sanctuary started. With regards to funds, will always be needed according to the committee member I spoke to. We are still short of funds to begin with. All committee members are 'cracking' their heads planning events to raise more funds. Even when the sanctuary is up, PASS will need funds to feed all the animals housed at the sanctuary and also the up keeping of the place. It wouldn't be wrong to say with this kind of charity there will be no end to fund raising. I will try to keep everyone informed of upcoming events. Do stay 'tuned'. Thank you for your interest. All the best. :o)

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