Thursday, September 9, 2010

The ugly things some people do...!

I bought a packet of apples (8 in a bag) from a hyper market. Out of the 8, there were only 3 perfect ones. Perfect? Yupz, apples without fingernails marks. Why do people have to make marks with their fingernails? I was told that it was to test the crunchiness of the apple. Crunchiness? I thought it is an ugly and selfish act (presumably the person who told me this must have done it too, eh?). So what if the apple isn't crunchy. Is it not edible? So, someone decided to do a test on the apple and what happens now that the apple isn't crunchy and you left a finger nail cut in the apple. Oh! How selfish can some people be? Lesson to learn, buy apples individually and not in bags. I hope the person who did the fingernail test gets a bag with every single apple marked with fingernail cut. This wasn't the first time only this time there were more 'destroyed' apples in the bag! Aarghhh.....:o(


Evie Yang said...

Yea it gets really frustrating when people are so selfish!

ken said...

some people are like that.. self-centered.. =/