Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tibicos Grains/mushrooms--How to make Tibicos

Have you heard of Tibicos grains/mushrooms? I checked the web and found many sites giving descriptions of these sugary grains. They are known by different names in different parts of the world. Water kefir grains, Chinese mushrooms, Tibetan mushrooms, etc. Just do a search on the web and you can read up more on this tiny thing. According to the site Wikipedia they are actually a culture of bacteria and yeast held in a polysaccharide matrix created by the bacteria Tibicos drink supposedly can cure many ailments. Some call it the 'miracle drink'. I was given a bottle of it and a container of the mushrooms. My friend told me that she used to have problems with her fingers. It was painful for her to use a pair of scissors. She consumed Tibicos for 20 days plus (still consuming) and it had helped her. Her nerves have 'loosened up'. Where I'm concerned it was one of my foot. I find it very uncomfortable wearing a pair of court shoes. Foot reflexology treatment was what I've been going for. I consumed this drink and my foot isn't that bad now. Well, it could be psychological but then, pain is something no one can hide. Check it out on the web for other testimonies. I decided to learn how to make this 'miracle' drink. Above is a picture of a bottle of the Tibicos drink.The two pictures above show the tibicos mushrooms or kefir grains. The colour varies due to the grade of pure cane sugar used to make the drink.Above pictures shows how the drink looks like with the sugar, water and grains mixed together. Leave it to stand undisturbed in a place away from sunlight. Do not use water with chlorine. Only pure cane sugar can be used for the fermentation. Picture above shows the right kind to be used. Remember it is not brown castor sugar. Mixture is ready to be sieved after 24 hours of brewing. Chill it in the refrigerator. Use only glass containers and plastic sieve. 300gms of the grains to 650ml of mineral water with 150gm of brown sugar. That is how I make my Tibicos drink. It tastes a little bit like red wine if you are wondering about the taste. If you are interested in this Tibicos, you can either email me for a container of the mushrooms/grains. The mushrooms will multiply on their own so you only need to get them once from me. You will be taught how to prepare the drink. Remember that the drink or the grains are not to be sold. They are to be passed around free. :o)


ken said...

hmm.. never heard of tibicos before..

Andrea said...

I'm a beginner to this brewing tibicos mushroom. I saw from the youtube, the tibicos will float up and down actively during the fermentation time. But mine seems like not active. It's already 2 days, and it only have bubbles and some tibicos floating on top. Is this normal? Am I brewing it correctly? said...

Hi Andrea,
The grains do float to the top n u can see bubbles on the grains. However, it isn't so 'alive' as is shown on youtube. U brew the drink for more than 24 hrs but not more than 4 days. The drink becomes more sour the longer it is brewed. Just weigh the grains before n after. The grains should multiply (becomes more). If it does then the drink is brewed correctly.:o)