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We checked out of our hotel in the morning for our journey to Pompeii from Rome.
This is the second time we are having spaghetti. This time it is seafood spaghetti with mussels. In Malaysia where we are served plates filled with spaghetti. In Italy we were given the first the plates then comes the waiter with a big tray of spaghetti. The taste is quite bland compared to spaghetti in Malaysia. I thought the fresh green salad was awesome even though it was drenched with only olive oil and lemon.Next, we were served a plate of deep fried calamari and prawns. It tasted salty and the prawns were like 'heh bee' (dried prawns).After lunch, we proceeded to Pompeii city. A city which stopped in time when Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried this Roman city together with its citizens with volcanic ash and debris in A.D. 79. The boulders in the picture above were placed in the middle of the road to slow down the speed of the traffic.Picture above show the cast of victim of Mount Vesuvius' eruption.

The innumerable earthen and bronze ware found.
The cast of a dog that was presumably tied up when Mount Vesuvius erupted.
Cast of a pregnant woman covering her nose from the ash of Mount Vesuvius.This is a statue of a mourner. They were paid to cry at funerals.A row of shop houses. A mosaic artwork at the doorstep that said 'Beware of Dog'.The grove (picture above) show where the sliding door was placed.The beautiful house of the rich inhabitants in Pompeii.

The rich party and eat a lot and the above is the well where they go throw up when they have eaten too much.The picture above shows the oven for baking bread (red bricks) and the flour grinder (in grey). The oven look quite similar a traditional oven I saw in Egypt.We walked down the road that leads us to a brothel.

The brothel and everyone just could not wait to take a peek inside.
One of the beds found inside the brothel. It is all made of stone and I sure do hope that either straw or something soft was used. How else......? There were many inhabitants who came from other places like Egypt, etc so language was a problem. Therefore, the owner of the brothel had drawings on the wall. All one needed to do was point to the drawing to determine the kind of service wanted. All told to us by our guide from Italy. Some drawings made a few of us red-faced so I have not posted them here.This is a picture of a sign pointing to the direction of the brothel. It is carved onto the stone so take a closer look. The Forum with Mount Vesuvius in the distance.Lush greenery outside Pompeii city.We were taken to a seashell factory where brooches, earrings, etc. are made out of seashells. Beautiful intricate designs are carved onto the seashell.It was only around 5 pm when we reached Sorrento but it looked like it was already late in the night. The Christmas lights and decorations were a remarkable sight. Just when I thought Italian people are rather rude, I met two nice women from whom I bought a bottle of limoncello. Sorrento is famous for the production of this limoncello, which is a digestif, made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water and sugar.
The Southern part of Italy is mainly agricultural. Sorrento is situated in the south; as such, it is common to find shops selling dried chillies, garlic and onion tied up in bunches. The above are two bottles of homemade oregano and basil soaked in olive oil. Gulf of Naples with Mount Vesuvius in the distance.
A vendor selling chillies and fruits in Naples. We stayed at Naples for the night.:o)
**Day 3

**Day 3

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