Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Naples to Siena

We arrived at the city of Naples the night before. I think most will know what this city is known for. As such, we were told not to venture out of our hotel. Anyway, it was dark and most of the shops were closed.
We were to begin our tour of the city on that day and as we travelled along the roads, I could not help but notice the rubbish around. I thought the city is dirty. I did not know that the garbage collection strike was still going on in Naples until we arrived home. That was the reason for rubbish found on the roads.
We had the famous Napoli Pizza Magherita for lunch. A pizza that was first made for Queen Magherita. It was said to have made Naples famous for pizza. History has it that a local man created it in 1889 for the visiting Queen of Italy. Basil was used for the colour green, tomatoes for the colour red and mozarella cheese for the colour white. All are colours found in the Italian flag. We were each served a whopping family size of pizza magherita. Weee...!
I took many pictures of this coast, the Amalfi Coast that is a beautiful and renowned stretch of mountainous coastline.
Galleria Umberto in the picture above. This is the second gallery and the busiest in Naples. We did not visit this gallery but stopped here just to have a look. When asked what is famous in Naples, what we can get there since we were in the gallery. The guide told us 'Sfogliatelle'. There was a shop selling this dessert, which is a pastry. Sfogliatelle (picture above) is a dessert made of a pastry quite similar to our deep fried curry puff. Flaky and the ingredients of the filling are creamy ricotta, semolina and cinnamon mixture. Eat it while it is hot, as the pastry gets rather hard when cold.
Picture above shows the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) This 'atlas holding the globe' clock is still working!
One of the many beautiful porcelain pieces in the collection.The above shows the daily life of the pagans back then. All the figurines are made of wood and are
still being maintained yearly. After this royal palace visit, we proceeded with our Siena. It was a six hour drive (roughly) to Siena due to the weather conditions.We arrived in Siena all tired and hungry. The above was what we had for dinner. For appetizers,
we had pasta tossed in vegetarian dressing. Our main course was grilled veal. Now, everyone wanted to know if that was beef. Well, it is the meat of very young cattle. Oopsss......We ate every morsel. The chef said it is the mother of the cow! :o)
**Day 4

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