Sunday, January 9, 2011

Venice -Milan-Nice

We travelled to Milan from Venice across the flat farmlands to Lombardy in darkness. A reason there are no pictures of our journey. Its wintertime.
The Duomo di Milano from the Square where you can go up to the rooftop and get a panoramic view of Milan. . This Gothic Cathedral took five centuries to complete. It is the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world. We did not venture inside as by this time we felt we have visited enough cathedrals. We decided to do some shopping and enjoy the atmosphere with Christmas round the corner.If you are one, who loves designer wear and goods then you should visit this 19th Century Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and its glamorous shopping area. This place was planned and built by Giuseppe Mengoni in 1864. You can find Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuiton, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc. here. If you do not much money to spend (or find it a waste on designer things), then just enjoy the building and its architecture. There was something we did here we stepped on a 'bulls testicles'! In the centre of this Galleria, find a bull mosaic on the floor. Step on the bull's testicles with one foot and while making a full turn make a wish. As most tourists do, make three rounds. Remember to take a look at the hole made. Poor bull.....! Have fun here.We went to a cafe recommended by our Guide to sample their desserts. This cafe is known to serve delicious desserts. We had the tiramisu (not to be missed out), panna cotta and pannetone (pic above). Panna cotta is an Italian classic. Pannetone is a type of sweet bread loaf originally from Milan usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year in Italy. Picture of the handsome waiter who served us. He took a great picture of himself but terrible ones for us. The pictures he took of us turned out all blurred. Aarghhh.....If he was not this cute....!!?The toilet in the cafe was unimaginable. I could not resist taking a picture of it. The waiter was right in telling us that they have 'film star' style powder room. Milan was our last city in Italy and we left for Nice in France. It was 'Arrivederci', 'Ciao' or maybe 'rivederti' to this beautiful, so full of history country. I have to say eight days just was not enough! Where I am concerned, what I got was just a glimpse and nothing more. :o)

**Day 8

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