Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ah Pek died...

Ah Pek (old uncle) left this world about two months ago. In the house he used to stay, there is a dog. Ah Pek and I have just a 'Hi' and 'Bye' relationship but I love to watch him as I pass him by. He used to sit under the tree without any shirt (ribs showing) and feed the stray cats. I would not be the only one who would miss the sight of him, the cats will too. I could hear a dog barking…barking away in the distance (since Saturday). Funny, I walked past this particular house almost every night to reach the place where I feed the strays (one left now) and I did not see or hear any dog. I just got a call from a neighbour telling me that there is a dog in the house (next door to him) that has been vacant for quite some time. This kind neighbour was away for Ching Ming. My heart missed a beat when his tenant described the dog. Description fitted one of the dogs I have been feeding (the one spotted after the Council ‘killing’ spree). I ran to the vacant house. I called, whistled…shook the gate. There was not a tinkle. Funny neighbourhood I am living in the house opposite (this vacant house) and the one next have occupants. What are they? They do not see or hear anything. Why do people choose to live ‘in their own world’? My heart feels so heavy….Ohh! It has been a week since the Council came. Then and again, how did a dog managed to get into a vacant house?! I pray that somehow you (the dog) managed to scale the wall and is alive somewhere. This is the continuation. A friend was good enough to trace the telephone number of Ah Pek's daughter. Oddly enough, she said she was not aware that there is a dog in the house! So now I have to feed the dog until she comes back(she went interstate) to let the dog out? That will be in a week's time. Just now, neighbour told me he threw over a piece of meat for the dog. Oh, he had the dog fed! (He was so proud of himself) One piece of meat? How big was that piece of meat? I really do not think it weighed a lot. Maybe I should ask if that piece was enough to fill up all the cavities of his teeth. (I know this man.) But, I would sound rude. He ended the conversation with this..."Okay yah, so you will feed the dog." Is there even a more convenient suggestion? Sometimes I think I want to give them a pox on their face for being so 'LOVELY'. Can you imagine a dog left without food and water for two months and yet, no one noticed, no one felt anything for the poor dog. What is even more amazing is that I have to feed the dog by having my hubby climbed over a six-foot gate. All this neighbour could do to help is lower a bowl of food into the house from his house. They share a wall and it really is not a problem...just a matter of currency spent. It would not be much and that I am very sure. Besides this problem I have had complaints that my stray dogs poo in the middle of the road. My stray dogs stink, etc. I was even asked to stop feeding the strays. This way they would go away!! Geez, how people think only of and for themselves. Grrr...What neighbours I have. I am thinking I will start wearing sunglasses half the size of my face for I am all ready to scorn, stare and glare when I meet him on the street. I am so tired...! **The reason why he was kind enough to call me and call Ah Pek's daughter...the dog was barking and barking. Oh! Ah Pek why did you leave without saying goodbye...the cats will miss you. R.I.P.

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