Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dog is Home & Safe. Yes, Home!

Neighbour told me when I got home that the dog was release. You know she (referring to Ah Pek’s daughter) came back very quickly, he said. I looked at him and asked, where is the dog now, what happened to it? I do not know was his reply. I thought it was your stray dog, he continued. Mine? I replied no, mine is a male and not a female. It looked like your dog and I am sure that was the dog that 'pooed' in the middle of the road in front of my house. My answer (which I already had in my mind the night before) was this. To neighbour I said, Have you noticed that there is a black dog that used to live here on this street? It belonged to the house a few houses away from you. I just realised that there are only two dogs now in that house. Still, neighbour said it is my dog. I do not think my stray would have lost its ‘doghood’ just by wandering into Ah Pek’s house and got locked in, I said to him. Sheesh…I do not know what else to say. To the neighbour the important thing was with the dog released (he was not bothered how the dog will survive later on) he would not be disturbed anymore. I have a sense of relief (of sorts) as I would not be disturbed with phone calls to tell me this…the dog is barking again, you know.

[Daughter got back and dog released yesterday morning. I thought that was a rather immediate return.]

Apparently, she got complaints (over the phone). What she mentioned surprised me (or did it?); neighbour has chided her once too many times over food she left for the cats or strays. It seems the place would look untidy and it will attract more strays. Both daughter and I knew this mother cat and her kittens were not strays. First, a family moved and left a female cat. Then, a Tomcat left behind by another family. That was how the litter of kittens appeared. Mother cat and three kittens lived (and had been) under the drain between neighbour’s and Ah Pek’s house. They have since grown into beautiful cats. I think it really would not be a 'heavy' job to take the empty containers and throw them into the garbage bins (instead of complaining). Daughter does not live in the neighbourhood. She was born kind.

By the way, the dog is safely HOME. Yes, it belonged to the occupants of the house a few houses away from the mentioned neighbour. Neighbour asked me this question, if it is their dog why they did not come looking for the dog. My reply was…There are some who are happy that their dog go out, was lost and not come back. This is ONE OF THEM. Do we not ‘love’ them? Neighbour and I have no issues so far...except the strays. The world is not perfect. For now, I will just continue and take my...walk. :o)**It is still a mystery how the dog got locked inside.

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