Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kiss kiss my Quiche...

Do you still buy cookbooks? Where I am concerned, this is so yesterday. I used to lug home thick beautiful cookbooks each time I see one. Those pictures that appear in the books, they can be so attracting and also deceiving. With the World Wide Web, obtaining recipes is a breeze now. How fool proof are they? Some sites even allow you to post recipes. I cannot remember how many recipes I have 'experimented' from both cookbooks and 'www' sites. Nowadays, I go for 'tested and proven' recipes handed out by friends. Oh, those bewildered looks, screwed up eyes, and cringing faces are outdated. Of course, I still have to keep my fingers and toes crossed each time I venture into the kitchen for a new 'experiment'. I am a hopeless case when it comes to making pastry. I had to go through two times of practise before the Country Quiche was ready. The recipe was given by my good friend Molly. (Molly, Thank you so very much.) The first time I made the pastry I went 'howling' to her. "The pastry would not roll. It stuck all over the place". In our weather and climate, I found out that you really have to be very apt with the rolling pin. You have to be deft with pastry handling to finish the process in good order. I have a 'hot' kitchen. With our humid climate, that made matters worse. The advice given was use a wine bottle. Ah ha! In addition, water used has to be cold. Kiss, kiss my Country Quiche. I was elated. It was not difficult to have the pastry made. All that was required was the right technique. The pastry and filling was good and to the last bite.
I could not remember the reasons I went and bought those rolling pins. Now, my hands are not deft enough to use them. I think Molly was right, it is good for using it on...(you know who) when they come home drunk and forgot dinner back home. Remember the comic strip 'Bringing up father' Maggie and Jiggs. How Maggie would wait for Jiggs with a rolling pin at the door. That was when Jiggs was out drinking till late. Oh, I waited at the door last night with a rolling pin...the bigger one! LOL....:o)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strays allegedly caught and shot in full view of children

Strays allegedly caught and shot in full view of children

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SOS...Kitten needs a home.

Kok found this kitten on Wesak Day. The kitten was very scrawny and sick. Mother cat was nowhere, could be dead, as cats normally do not abandon their offspring. Kok had sent the kitten for de-worming and vaccinations. The kitten has also been de-ticked. She was found on Wesak Day and named Bud. Bud is currently eating well, very adorable and IS LOOKING FOR A HOME. If you have space in your home for her please contact: Kok--Tel:017-5882865. She is Free. Kok has too many cats under his care (in case you are wondering). Thank You. Buddha Bless:o)
***SHE HAS FOUND HERSELF A HOME. WE ARE HAPPY FOR HER. Thank you if you have responded to our SOS call. Hugs.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stop the Cruelty!!!

**VIEW the footage by clicking on the link below. You will want to sign the petition after you viewed the footage. The animals have their fate written on the workers' faces...DEATH. Why then inflict further TORTURE before KILLING THEM!
Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia : Online Petition: "Sign the online petition to stop animal abuse and cruelty in Malaysia with tougher legislations, stricter enforcement and active prosecutions. Together, we can make a difference.

My Italian affair...a disaster!

Oh! It is easy to make, I will hand you some recipes I have. Those were the parting words of my friend. It was after I exclaimed how delicious the biscotti we had at Coffee Bean were. They were delicious and nice. Only the price was not. I was handed a few biscotti recipes a few days later. Getting ready the almonds, raisins, and flour was an easy feat. The mixing part was not that easy. In the course of the mixing, I realised that the dough was very sticky. Scraping the mixture off from the sides of the mixing bowl caused me to break a palette knife. Then came the shaping of the dough to make a rectangular shape. Oh my, it was a very messy and sticky job. I had dough even on my hair. With no butter added in the recipe, the dough sticks all over. It took a while before I got it into the required shape. The dough went into the oven for the first bake. Then, the second bake and it was done. Up until that point, I thought everything was still under control. (I almost gave up during the mixing part.) The cutting of the biscotti was not easy either.The first two pieces were good then the third...ow..ow..Everything started to break. There was no way I could cut them into slices. I decided to let everything break and helped a little. I took a knife and flicked everything apart. Picture above shows the little 'rocks' of biscotti. Oh, guess what was next. It was not properly baked, the centre was still soft. I had the biscotti baked again. It turned out to be really 'jaw breaking' biscuits. It was baked three times and not double. (Biscotti are known as jaw-breaking biscuits.) If those disasters were not enough, friend turned up at the door. Goodness, why are your biscotti so thick, she asked. We checked the recipe and...I cut them into 3 cm instead of 3 mm! It was too hard and too thick and could not be sliced properly. Everything spelt disaster. Every once in a while, disasters like the biscotti experience happened. I would have cracked the wall with the little 'rocks' (just joking) but what Miss Mischievous did stopped me. I could not help taking a picture of her. She kept coming to the window as the aroma of the biscotti baking in the oven flowed through the kitchen. She appeared, she sniffed and she licked the window. She looked so cute. The look of the biscotti was not a welcome sight but the taste was not that bad. There were no jaws broken as we tried the little 'rocks' of biscotti. The biscotti were very hard! However, both dogs enjoyed the little rocks. It must have been 'bones' to them only different in flavour. After we cleared up, I told my friend that I would stick to my plain 'kiam pneah (soda biscuits) or maybe 'marie pneah' (another kind of biscuit). No more making those that comes with pompous word...biscotti. :o) **The name biscotti is derived from 'bis' meaning twice in Italian and 'cotto" meaning baked or cooked. Biscotti is said to have originated during Columbus's time and credited to an Italian baker who originally served them with Tuscan wines. They became so popular that every province developed their own flavoured version. Because of their long storage ability, they were an ideal food for sailors, soldiers, and fishermen.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pink blooms...Awww...!

The pink gets darker as the day goes by. Awww...I always enjoy these blooms. :o)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Her wandering days are over...!

It was not as difficult as we expected it to be, getting Chow-chow into a portable cage. She was very cooperative. We poked her lightly with a stick and she walked straight into the portable cage. Chow-chow was such a good 'girl'. She travelled quietly and we had a smooth journey right down to Puchong. She did not suffer from any carsickness, something we were worried. I gave her a cowhide bone and a piece of cardboard to lie on. That piece of cardboard caught her interest instead of the bone. She shredded the cardboard even before we started our journey. LOL.
Finally, we arrived in Puchong. It was a public holiday but the doctors had the clinic opened. I thought that was very kind of them. The two veterinarians Dr Tan and Dr. Wong asked me the same questions many others asked. Why all the way to Puchong? The one and only answer I have was this; there was nowhere I could put Chow-chow in Penang. I was not going to spay her and put her back on the streets. That measure would end up with the same like her three friends...death. Dr. Wong and Dr. Tan were two very good veterinarians. All procedures to be carried out were explained in detail. She was to be checked for heartworms, vaccinated and then spayed. It was a pleasure dealing with these two doctors. There were two patient and pleasant people. We knew Chow-chow would be safe.
Chow-chow was spayed the next day. She is free from heartworms and demodex. Phew! I spoke to the doctor yesterday and Chow-chow was doing well. She has gotten up and had a good appetite. She is a tame dog despite having lived on the streets for two plus years. I cannot be happier to know that. She did not have a good life but she is one hell of a mutt. I had injured her ear when I wanted to catch her for her spay job on my (with hubby's help) first attempt. I  Despite that, she is still so forgiving. She never failed to give my outstretched hand a lick after every meal. My friends told me that she has good karma to have met me. I would like to say that she gave me the good karma. She allowed me to render my kindness. She gave me great joy. I am so happy....She is finally safe...!
If you need a good Vet:
Klinik Haiwan & Surgeri Wawasan
27 Jalan Wawasan 2/22
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Puchong
Tel/Fax: 603-5882 0755
Contacts: Dr Tan Thiam Khoon
Dr Wong Chooi Thing
Dr Wong Shaw FeeiI felt both sadness and joy on our journey back but I know she will be happy (with friends) and safe at Sabrina's farm. I miss her already (spent almost 3 years feeding her). Chow-chow looked ugly now with her skin problem. She will be beautiful when her fur grows back. She is dark beige in colour. I have seen her just once, with that coat of fur. If you think you want to adopt Chow-chow please contact: Furry Friends Farm :o) **My HEARTFELT THANKS to Sabrina for accepting Chow-chow. She even arranged for transport when I could not find any. Also, big Thank You to JooGyee my FB friend & blog reader for the cage. She brought it all the way from BP. My hubby for giving me such a wonderful time…driving Chow-chow and I to Puchong, KL. Finally yet importantly, all who has emailed sending their wishes. Chow-chow sends this…woof-woof! Her wandering days are over. To others she was just a smelly dog, an irritating dirty mutt. To me, she spells JOY! No more worries when I hear these words...biar tembak mati; phak hor ee si; si lang kow!! (All words said here in any language or dialect meant Death.) Buddha Bless all. 

Friday, May 6, 2011

She has a life...let her live.

There are many individual animal rescuers in Penang. Some have leased private land to house the mutts they rescued. I did not know that finding a place for Chow-chow would be so frustrating. The people who has these 'private lands' asked for absurd amount of contribution. It was not just that, there was no guarantee that the dog will stay there forever (meaning until it was adopted or dead). There was only one that I have high regards for...Furry Friends Farm. I wrote to Sabrina (owner of the farm) outlining my plight. I needed her help. Two days passed and I had no reply from her. I thought I did something silly. She is not from Penang. Why would she help right? There are so many dogs all over in Malaysia. I emailed again and this time she replied. Yes, she would take the dog in. Euphoria..! She is truly a saviour. A very compassionate one for that matter.
My next task was to catch Chow-chow. Chow-chow is a very timid dog and her days alone have made our 'relationship' even more distant. She had never allowed me to pat her on her head since. We had little time left as the hawker stalls are slowly being occupied. It took us three nights before Chow-chow was finally 'captured'. It was very tiring as I only get to climb into bed after 2 am. I was not the only one who cared for Chow-chow. Kok and wife also helped with the feeding of her and her three friends. As I had to 'trap' her, I asked Kok and wife to cooperate with me by not giving Chow-chow food. This way, she would come and sit at the junction of the road. Oh, the three nights were tiring but hilarious. The first night I only managed to get her eating right up to the border of the gate. I had three bowls of rice leading to the gate. I placed the fourth bowl inside the house after the gate. You would not believe it. Chow-chow ate one bowl, two bowls and three! She left the fourth bowl untouched and ran off. She was smart. (Pic above showed her eating the third bowl.) The second night I thought of a better idea. I cooked her food and I have a juicy bone. I had the bone tied to a long string. In my mind, it was easy work. I was going to lure her into the house with the bone like in the cartoons. Each time I tug, she followed a little. I was inside (the compound) and I kept tugging at the string to make the bone move. When it reached the gate, Chow-chow sat down...and I thought she would be fooled. I was the bigger fool as in the end I had to give her the bone, outside the house. (Picture above showed her gnawing at the bone.)Third night...I got her! I had the gate latch loosened. That way the gate would not make any sound when it was closed. I had another bone and many boxes of food. Hubby lured her to the front of the house (with the two dogs) and 'disappeared'. Wee...she ate one box, the next box...and slowly into the compound. I threw the bone to her and slowly dragged the gate closed. Yay...yay.This dog is odd. When she was outside, she would sit and looked at us inside until she got tired. We took her in and what she did most of the time was staring at the gate. We knew she could not wait to escape. The next three nights had us sleeping little as Chow-chow howled and yowled. She wanted to get out. She resorted to whining when we told her to be 'quiet'. In the daytime, she wandered around the compound or stayed under the car. She seemed 'lost' despite having two of her kind and us. It was rather puzzling but then when we thought deeper...she is a free spirit. She needed to be outside. She wanted to be free. :o)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The day she lost her 3 friends...

She was lapping up soapy water. That was when I first noticed her. A hairless (bald) puppy with her tail down. I walked towards her to get a closer view and she ran away. I saw the reason she was lapping so hard at the soapy water. There were rice and something that looked like meat in the water! I wanted to give her the food I had but she was nowhere. I left it as that. I proceeded to the spot where the rest of the mutts were waiting for me. The next night as I stood and waited for 'my' mutts to finish their food the puppy appeared. She just sat in the alley. A little while later, a back door opened and a woman threw out a lump of rice. The rice went all scattered on the ground but this puppy ran for the rice and started licking. That sight broke my heart. A big lump of rice would mean plain white rice and it was thrown on the ground! A look at the puppy told me that she was an abandoned puppy as she was not scrawny but was stark bald. She was timid but she was adorable. She would always sit a distance away and wag her tail. When we (hubby and I) walked away, she would run very quickly to the spot we were and ate anything left behind. There would always be a bowl of food for her. This puppy...I later 'adopted' and named her Chow-chow. She was bald and with a skin so bad, even the raindrops hurt her. I knew it hurt her body, as each time it started to drizzle she would yelp and run away. Chow-chow and two of her mates were the last two from the initial pack I was feeding. The four of them (three plus another abandoned dog) moved around together. I supposed they give each other protection and company. When the local council came and took the three of her friends away, I was not aware. I only knew later and what I witnessed the night I went looking for them (I was hoping it was a rumour) was heart wrenching. Chow-chow ran towards us as we approached the feeding place and started yowling...howling and whining. I knew...the rest were gone! We walked and she followed, whining all the way. Her food was in the bowl on the ground. She would not touch but sat howling, yowling...I knew she was calling out to her friends. She did that many times when the others 'were late' for feeding time. Needless to say she did not eat that night. The first week I did not feel that worried for her. Chow-chow ate very little and she would in the middle of her eating stopped suddenly. Then she would start her whining again. It was the many sightings of her sitting in the middle of the park looking at other dogs that made me feel her loneliness. Owners walked their dogs in the park. Each time you could see her walking up to the dog(s). That would result in her being whipped with a cane or beaten with a big stick by the humans. The marks on her body told me that it did not happen just the one time I saw but many other times. I saw her walking alone along the streets in the hot sun on numerous days. This was something you do not see when her friends were alive. They would be out of sight. They sleep in drains and I know Chow-chow and the males disappear into the hills. I thought it would all go away soon and she would be back to her normal self. It did not. She would come to my house and she would sit in the middle of the road. Then, she would start her whining. I felt sad as I could not do anything to ease her loss and pain. If you have a dog then maybe you would understand when I say this...Chow-chow is able to 'talk to you'. I could not keep her and no one wanted her. She suffered almost six weeks of loneliness and I...weeks of helplessness and despair. No one in Penang could offer a little space for this mutt. Some friends told me to call SPCA and some said to call the local council. Either way, it meant ending her life.
She is a very adorable dog. She eats anything. She is always wagging her tail. She is so submissive she always made sure her friends started to eat before she proceeded to her bowl of food. If I give them bones to gnaw, she would bite one and leave it by the side. In my mind, I think she had to make sure the male dogs have their share. I was just guessing, as I do not know the reason for her act. I was not going to end her life but I knew she had numbered days in the neighbourhood. Empty spaces were running out. I spent the next few days...weeks...trying to find a place for her. :(