Sunday, May 8, 2011

Her wandering days are over...!

It was not as difficult as we expected it to be, getting Chow-chow into a portable cage. She was very cooperative. We poked her lightly with a stick and she walked straight into the portable cage. Chow-chow was such a good 'girl'. She travelled quietly and we had a smooth journey right down to Puchong. She did not suffer from any carsickness, something we were worried. I gave her a cowhide bone and a piece of cardboard to lie on. That piece of cardboard caught her interest instead of the bone. She shredded the cardboard even before we started our journey. LOL.
Finally, we arrived in Puchong. It was a public holiday but the doctors had the clinic opened. I thought that was very kind of them. The two veterinarians Dr Tan and Dr. Wong asked me the same questions many others asked. Why all the way to Puchong? The one and only answer I have was this; there was nowhere I could put Chow-chow in Penang. I was not going to spay her and put her back on the streets. That measure would end up with the same like her three friends...death. Dr. Wong and Dr. Tan were two very good veterinarians. All procedures to be carried out were explained in detail. She was to be checked for heartworms, vaccinated and then spayed. It was a pleasure dealing with these two doctors. There were two patient and pleasant people. We knew Chow-chow would be safe.
Chow-chow was spayed the next day. She is free from heartworms and demodex. Phew! I spoke to the doctor yesterday and Chow-chow was doing well. She has gotten up and had a good appetite. She is a tame dog despite having lived on the streets for two plus years. I cannot be happier to know that. She did not have a good life but she is one hell of a mutt. I had injured her ear when I wanted to catch her for her spay job on my (with hubby's help) first attempt. I  Despite that, she is still so forgiving. She never failed to give my outstretched hand a lick after every meal. My friends told me that she has good karma to have met me. I would like to say that she gave me the good karma. She allowed me to render my kindness. She gave me great joy. I am so happy....She is finally safe...!
If you need a good Vet:
Klinik Haiwan & Surgeri Wawasan
27 Jalan Wawasan 2/22
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47100 Puchong
Tel/Fax: 603-5882 0755
Contacts: Dr Tan Thiam Khoon
Dr Wong Chooi Thing
Dr Wong Shaw FeeiI felt both sadness and joy on our journey back but I know she will be happy (with friends) and safe at Sabrina's farm. I miss her already (spent almost 3 years feeding her). Chow-chow looked ugly now with her skin problem. She will be beautiful when her fur grows back. She is dark beige in colour. I have seen her just once, with that coat of fur. If you think you want to adopt Chow-chow please contact: Furry Friends Farm :o) **My HEARTFELT THANKS to Sabrina for accepting Chow-chow. She even arranged for transport when I could not find any. Also, big Thank You to JooGyee my FB friend & blog reader for the cage. She brought it all the way from BP. My hubby for giving me such a wonderful time…driving Chow-chow and I to Puchong, KL. Finally yet importantly, all who has emailed sending their wishes. Chow-chow sends this…woof-woof! Her wandering days are over. To others she was just a smelly dog, an irritating dirty mutt. To me, she spells JOY! No more worries when I hear these words...biar tembak mati; phak hor ee si; si lang kow!! (All words said here in any language or dialect meant Death.) Buddha Bless all. 


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joo gyee said...

Ya..May Chow Chow has a wonderful living in her next chapter of life! said...

TQ (on her behalf). Woof Woof!:o)

Kok said...

How's Chow-chow doing? My wife and I pray for her to get a good life at the farm. She should look much different now with her fur all coming back being medicated. We miss her very much!! Such a good girl! Everyday we drive home, passing by casa permai now is giving us a strong "empty" feeling without them... My wife still cry for the lost of her 3 friends... said...

Hi Kok, Chow-chow is still at the vet waiting for Sabrina. She is a timid dog so the vet is taking care of her for the time being. Her fur has grown back 50% already. Know something; she can now get 'angry'! She growls at anyone sweeping past her or holds a stick/broom. When the vet told me, I said Wow...she has grown up. LOL. Like you, I am happy for her and Lets pray that someone come along and adopt her. Yupz, the neighbourhood looks 'empty' now. Like you both,I miss the 3 dogs too (very, very much). They r at peace Smile, k. Best wishes to u and Mrs. :o)**Kok, drop by to see if u go down to KL.

Kok said...

Hi June,
Great to hear that she is defending herself now... & with her fur coming back, she can tell to her new friends what she'd been through. You gave her the most precious gift & that's really selfless. You will inspire many! Please let us know if you have new news of Chow-chow. :)
We will surely drop by on our trip to KL soon when my wife balik kampung.