Saturday, June 4, 2011

Google gave me this! Omigosh

Have you ever used Google to translate any text? I have used it on single words. Today I tried it on a page of information about a hit and run dog. Even before anyone tell me anything further; I knew that the translation was all garbled. There is Aberdeen. There is sexual. There is a translation but what is the story? Oh my, Google you can do better than this. This is such a joke!


刚刚看到一只住在我家楼下很乖巧的狗狗后面2只脚残废了... 1个印度aunty说是被几个印度仔用motor..如果你说用车展过的话还可以说你看不到,motor话那里可能会展过?根本就是存心的!!!! 难道你们看到他被你们弄到残废了然后无力又要忍受剧痛的在地上一波一波的趴着走你们很开心吗!!!!!!!! 那只狗狗酱乖又没弄到你们舍么作么你们要酱对它沃?!! 如果1只脚残废的话还能生存..现在是2只后腿都残废去了!!他只能无力的在粗糙的马路上用趴的走还唉唉叫好像跟我说她好痛向我求救酱..... 试想..们在马路跌倒都够tiam了何况他用趴的??!! 最好那几个铁石心肠的印度人也给车展断脚的!!!!而且要重复展几次!!!酱才能让它体验到那只狗狗的痛!!!! 真的..看到本来可以活蹦乱跳的狗狗现在却只能在地上用趴的走而我却帮不到他些舍么~ 我真的感到好疼好无奈~~ 野狗也是有性的!!他也有他的尊!! 有舍么办法可以帮到他呢?!

The English translation obtained from Google...!

Now more and more heartless people out!!!
I just saw a house to live in a very well-behaved dogs downstairs behind the two legs crippled ... listen to an Indian aunty said to be used by several motor development in India over Aberdeen .. If you say the words but also with the auto off It can be said you can not see, motor, then there may be fair before? is out of the!!!! Do you see him you have to get crippled and unable to endure a painful waves of lies prone on the ground Very happy to go up !!!!!!!! you bird dog sauce was not any good to get your house What you want to paste it as a fertile Why?!! If a disability if the foot is now could survive .. Two hind legs are crippled to go!! he can only afford a rough road in the walk with a lie if called Ai Ai has also told me that she hurts sauce to me for help .. we are on the road ..... Imagine Fall is enough to mention he tiam a lie to??!! the best of several hard-hearted Indians that also auto-off foot!!!! and Exhibition to be repeated several times!!! sauce to go there to experience it Only dogs pain!!!! really .. see the dog could jump only on the ground now lying on the go with and I can not help him some homes but What I really feel good ~ good helplessly distressed ~ ~ dogs are sexual in!! he has his dignity!! What a way to help homes to him?!


Anonymous said...

u better get my help instead of asking Google, LOL... said...

Apalling. Everything out of context. Absurd garbage given. I do not read but I can guess. Aarghh...Pls do it and email to me. TQ (whoever you are)

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd done the translation (though in the simplest way)earlier?

joogyee the anonymous said...

LOL..JooGyee the anonymous..u told me Indian guy knocked the dog. That's all. Now more please..? TQ

Anonymous said...

Haha..did I? Sorry ya, short memory i had again. U want the full translation? No problem, I'll send to you via email.

joogyee the anonymous