Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Dried Meat you EAT!

I received these pictures through email this morning.  Oh my goodness, then tears welled up.  I hope these pictures are superimposed ones.  In simple words, I pray they are not true.  Apologies if these pictures are too graphic. I wanted to puke when I think back.  I have visited China many times and I have eaten almost anything served on the table without any questions. It had never crossed my mind (then) to ask except this question.  Is it beef? Now I am asking myself "What meat have I consumed?" Look at how the man (in the picture) killed the puppy.  It is so brutal. Ewee...yuks...urghhh!

A friend told me that dog meat is known as 'fragrant meat' in mainland China. I do not think I will touch meat (any kind) when I next visit China.


Nava Krishnan said...

The pics looks so cruel what they are doing to the animal. Anything is possible in China I suppose. Have you heard about the pau made out of card board papers? said...

Hi Nava, They are making DRIED MEAT!! A friend told me these are true. Omg, omg. Anything is possible in China. I think those pau...must be true else, where did the news come from? Eeek!!