Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shopping at Tesco...

I shop quite often at Tesco. I am sure many do but how many of you have had these experiences.   The discounts/sales offered at Tesco.  The discount incident happened to me at the beginning of the month. 
There were '15% off' cards stuck on the chilled food racks.  Happily, I took extra pieces of cheese, extra few cartons of milk, cartons of cream and others.  The rack (as shown in the picture above) was where I took my pieces of cheese. I paid for the groceries.  I checked my bill and it showed the cheese charged at the usual price (without the 15% off).  I asked the cashier. She did not know anything about the 15% discount.  I had to go and check with the customer-service.  Oh, the 15% off was only applicable for all items marked with the red-yellow price tag stuck on the tray. I mentioned that there was no such information on the display card.  I was not the only person who had complained. Apparently, there were others who got 'bought into the 15% off' sales. I could not get any money back. The reason was the cheese I bought; was on the side with the normal coloured price tag. Honestly, placed in such a way; many would not have noticed the difference in the tags!
The above picture showed a sign that said--Prices shown are after discount.  Frozen goods and Tesco Value range plus promotional items are not included. Notice that the sign did not state that the 15% off are only for items marked with red-yellow price tags!
This '15% off' was not the first bad experience I had with Tesco.  As such, I felt compelled to put it here. The last time (a few months back), it was a sale on Nestlé creamer.  The sale item was creamer packets with ‘6 cups plus 60 cups’ printed on the packet.  I was unaware there were packets without the ‘6 cups plus 60 cups’ placed together. I accidentally took two packets without the ‘extras’.  I paid for my groceries and left the premises.  My groceries were not unpacked immediately as they were all dried stuff.  A few days later, I unpacked and noticed the blunder.  I went back to Tesco.  After some explanations, I was asked to go and look for the offer ones inside the store.  I could not find any more of those with the '6 cups plus 60 cups' packets.  She requested that I go back the next day when they had their stock replenished.  I told the supervisor that for me to drive all the way to Tesco would have cost me more.  The reply was, 'we cannot refund you the money'.  I pointed out to the supervisor that the bar codes are different for the two packets of creamer.  Why did the cashier not spot the mistake and inform the customer? She kept quiet. Come on Tesco give me better service! :o(

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