Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Awfully wonderful hosts...

‘There has got to be a mistake’.  That was the thought that ran through my head as we walked down the street.  I saw graffiti on a wall just as we turned into the street.  Graffiti to me is a sign of unruliness. (We had arrived in Valencia.) Where is the garden? Then my husband said, “Ah, I think we are here. That must be Paula”.  “Hola”, was the first word said by the woman standing at the door.  She must have waited for us (I thought).  Pleasantries exchanged and introductions made; we went inside.  Paula is a soft-spoken woman. Paco (also introduced) insisted on helping me with my bag.  We were shown our room.  Oh my, I loved the place.  The street view was deceiving!  I liked the balcony, the little lounge (outside our room), the bathroom (a big one) and our bedroom which was spacious!  So, this is the  House with garden in the city/WIFI (Paula R's tagline on airbnb)
I love the place.  I could not help telling my husband.  It was an old Spanish house and being able to be inside and stay in it (even for only a few days) was amazing.  Paula asked if we wanted to try Paella after we had settled in.  I was elated as Paella was a 'must eat' in Valencia. We decided (with Paula) that we would have it for lunch the next day as dinner was too soon. 
The 'Maestro' at work
The next day I saw Paco in the kitchen cooking Paella.  I took some pictures only of his back as he told me that his face is ‘copyright’. (Laughter)  Then Paco informed us that the Paella would only be ready in about two hours or so. I wanted to stay and watch him cook but his face looked a bit stern so I decided not to. Both hubby and I then went out for a little sightseeing. Who would have known that he would be so friendly and cheerful later on? Are looks not deceiving sometimes?
Garrofo (bean) and Bajoqueta (vegetable) both used in Paella Valencia
Paella Valencia cooking
When we returned, Paula told us that we would be having some light snacks.  It is common practise for Spanish people to have something light before the actual meal.  In our case it was lunch.  It amazes me how the ‘light sense’ was to be.  Our hosts had prepared prawns, some hard bread and spread (Allioli), pastries, sweets and others.  Husband had explained to both of them our purpose of airbnb.  I could not imagine the lengths both of them went to make our stay worthwhile and enjoyable. 
We had all our meals here..breakfast, etc.
Getting ready...first the wine glasses
Paula introducing all i oli to both of us. 
Paella Valencia-ready for consumption.
Everyone was supposed to eat straight from the paella (pan) with a wooden spoon.  That was what Paco told us and I thought….how family oriented.  We ate straight from the paella with a metal spoon.  Paco had no wooden spoon. All four of us spent the whole afternoon not just eating the paella Valencia but also getting to know each other's culture.
Coffee and some sweet wine after lunch
Honey Murcott 
Even champagne (champán) was added!
We spent 3 wonderful days and nights with them. Check out my blog for further read...
** Day Two :o)


hcvvorld of Travels and Photography said...

it's always nice to stay with a host family no matter where u visit in any part of the world :D

Bubbles...ooo said...

Agree with you now that we have experienced it. TQ 4 dropping by. :o)