Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hi and Bye...Host

Bedroom with view of  the bathroom
Washer and Dryer
Kitchen & Dining area
We had almost five-star rated amenities in Barcelona.  It would have been five stars had the heater not make me feel like I was still in the airplane.  It makes the sound of an airplane taking off each time we had it switched on.  It lasted quite a while. The other complaint both of us had were the flight of steps we had to climb.  The apartment we were booked into in Barcelona was located on the third floor.

The third Floor is unlike our apartments in Malaysia.  This one is located high up with very steep steps leading to the third Floor.  We had information that the apartment is located on the third level. We thought it would be all right. Oh, the shock we had when we saw the steepness of the steps leading up.  I was okay as I only had a light bag to carry (one was 'lost' as soon as we stepped out into the sunlight of Barcelona).  My poor husband was the one panting and sweating lugging the two luggage bags up the steep flight of steps.  

Our host met us outside the train station with his assistant.  Together with his assistant, he walked us to the apartment.  His assistant briefed hubby on the rules.  He then answered some questions hubby asked; left a contact number and that was all.  We never saw him (or assistant) again.  It was a 'Hi and Bye' dealing.  One consolation was this was the cheapest rooms and among the three with Madrid being the most expensive. :o)

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