Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our hosts...Patricia and Bruno

How do I begin to write a review about my (our) hosts?  Being first timers staying with hosts,  we had our doubts, fears, scepticisms…etc.  Friends did not give much encouragement and that made matters worse.  Against all worries, my hubby decided to go ahead.  Through the many emails hubby had with Patricia (and Bruno) we became less apprehensive over the choice made.  We finally arrived in Madrid airport and Patricia was there to meet us.  Bruno (her husband) was looking for a place to park the car.
The first impression of her (their) apartment was good.  The apartment is neat, room, bathroom were clean and with a heater.   We were free to use the kitchen and lounge.  We had a wide spread for breakfast.  Biscuits, bread, cereal with butter and believe it…homemade jam!  There were even cartons of milk and fruit juice left in the fridge for both of us. 
Patricia gave us a folder with rules, a map of Madrid and briefed us on the bus routes, train stations and all else.  Both of them were very helpful for the entire duration of our stay. 
(Bruno making the Spanish omelette)
One night when we returned to the apartment early, both Bruno and Patricia (airbnb) invited us to join them for dinner.  Bruno even showed me how to make the Spanish omelette (a traditional Spanish fare). 
(All ready....The Spanish omelette)
(Dinner the Spanish way)
We did not just learn about Spanish omelette. We learnt a lot more than we already know about Spain and Spaniards. Had they not given us the information on Toledo, we would have missed this beautiful town.
On the last night, before we were to depart for Valencia Bruno even bought a good bottle of wine for hubby to top up to the two bottles we bought up earlier.  Drinking and eating session lasted until 3 am.  Well, did we enjoy our stay with Patricia and Bruno?  Need I say more?  Yes and it was wonderful.
[Patricia and Bruno, if you are reading this, I think you would like this piece of news.  We almost missed the train.  When we reached Atocha, we had only 8 minutes to catch the AVE train!  Oh the hell we ran…ran and phew…just made it to the train.  I think a minute later we would be back to your apartment to enjoy more wine and your wonderful hospitality!  LOL.] :o)


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