Saturday, January 28, 2012

Adios Madrid (SPAIN) and Hello Malaysia...:)

We took the AVE train to Madrid.  I could not remember much of the journey (joking).  The camera was tucked away inside the luggage for 'very safe keeping' by hero. I sat quietly and enjoyed the train ride.
I loved the pillow--neat!
We stayed a night with Bruno and Patricia.  When we arrived, they had friends so both hero and I, we rested.  Both of us went out for our dinner at 7pm.  It was a safe place where we stayed so walking out at 7pm was okay.  I spent the remaining time organizing our bags for our departure the next day. 
It was an easy feat going to the airport.  All we did was dragged our bags and walked to the bus stop.  Bus fare to the airport from Alcobendas cost €1.80.  We had the assistance from a woman who was with us at the bus stop.  She advised us to board the bus from the back door.  That was a good gesture as it saved a lot of hassle moving along the narrow aisle to the back from the front door. The buses have a proper area for luggage bags. 
The bus took us right up to the terminal.  There are four terminals in Barajas Airport (Madrid).  We were fortunate as Bruno pointed that out to us the night before.  We were to leave from Terminal 2.
Adios Madrid. Adios Toledo. Adios Valencia. Adios Barcelona. Adios....SPAIN! :o)

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