Saturday, January 28, 2012

Barcelona...The last few days

We were back to the apartment (the day before) by 6pm.  I made the decision as every sight of a black man gave me chicken flesh.  With two more days left to roam the city, I thought that was a day too many. I wanted to leave Barcelona immediately.  I had written to our host in Valencia about the robbery. She replied almost immediately asking us to return to her place.  They are such a nice couple.  We worked things out and due to the cost and time; it would not be feasible.  Reluctantly, I followed my hero and walked out of the apartment.
I can't recall the name of this building
We were going to look for the restaurant that we skipped after the robbery.  I spent most of my time looking out for 'suspicious characters'.  It was agonizing walking the streets but I had to suppress that feeling inside lest hubby got irritated.
I could not recall how far we walked but I was very happy when hero announced...'We are here' after so many stops to ask for directions.  We had a real good lunch and time La Paradeta.  Suddenly, I liked the noise and people around me.  LOL.  I think the meal was heavenly for both of us.  Maybe...we learnt to treasure the moment. 
Sant Pau del Camp 
We walked back to La Rambla and visited La Boqueria.  La Boqueria is the public market we visited almost daily.  There were no pictures taken as hero had cautioned me right from the day I lost the backpack. Despite the safety reason, I still feel that it would be a place 'not to be missed'.  From La Boqueria, hero decided that we should walk to La Raval, the other historical neighbourhood that borders La Rambla. I did not feel comfortable as we walke.  There were gypsies, beggars, a lot of blacks and the street looked dirty.  In addition, there were many blacks not that I am discriminating but after what had happened.  I stood beside hero as he studied the map.  The sky was getting dark even though it was not even evening.
A group of blacks was walking and talking loudly behind me. I had bumped into them as they came out of a mosque (explained by hero later) and I panicked.  I started walking like a 'chicken that has lost its head'.  I walked past the church (above picture taken by hero) until he caught up with me.  He was very upset.  I did not want to linger around the La Rambla area.  I reasoned with hero that the street we have to walk to get back to the apartment usually looked deserted.  It gets very dark even around 7 pm.  The sight of those blacks sent shivers down my spine. That was another evening...we had food wrapped as take-away for dinner...eaten in the apartment!
The next day, we decided (husband's idea) to take a walk to Port Vell.  We were supposed to go there by cable car the day we were robbed.  Port Vell starts at the end of La Rambla from the Columbus Monument (a major city landmark).
Rambla de Mar
We walked on Rambla De Mar, a splendid wooden walkway from Portal de la Pau to Moll d'Espanya (Spain Dock).
Black man (with hood)
On our way, we witnessed a 'crime scene'.  A group of blacks who were plying their wares on the bridge suddenly ran helter-skelter.  There was quite a commotion.  We saw a few of them chased by police in mufti.  It was very noisy with the black shouting.  When it quietened down, hero decided to take some pictures with camera hidden beneath his coat.  It was frightening when I watched how the black man became violent and resisting arrest. 
Officer holding the white bag...inside are the merchandise
Buoy in the sea-Port Vell
Maremagnum shopping centre
We did some serious walking on our last day.  That would be how I described the way hero made me walk...walk.
La Rambla
La Rambla
Palau De Mar
We walked to Can Mano for lunch.  It was quite a distance from Port Vell.  The lunch at Can Mano was superb.  From there we walked to Barceloneta beach.  It was not crowded.  We had no particular agenda, as it was our last day.  We just walked on the beach and just savour the feeling of 'being there'.  The scenery, the people and the sound of the seagulls and sea.  I noticed that the people in Barcelona are not so friendly.
Hotel Vela (background)
Barceloneta Beach (in Winter)
Monument by Rebecca Horn
From where I stood, I saw something shimmering and it looked like a fish.  We decided to walk towards it to get a closer look.
 Peix d'O
It turned out to be the famous statue of La Barceloneta, the Peix d'O (golden fish) which I had read about before my trip. Frank Gehry designed the fish. We saw a group of blacks walking towards us and decided to keep the camera.  We headed back to our apartment. :o)

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