Saturday, January 28, 2012

Leaving Barcelona...

We are leaving Barcelona.  The past few days and nights were agonising for me.  I had to return to the apartment the minute the sky got dark.  It being winter, daylight hours were shorter.  That meant we had to spend more time in the apartment than outside.  I took a last look around the apartment. Would I yearn to come back? The answer was 'No'.  It was not the same feeling I had when we were in Valencia where I had wished there was one extra day to enjoy. Barcelona is a nice city but…it was not that safe a place to travel with just the two of us.
We had talked about going on ‘an adventure’ but I (we) did not expect an adventure that was ‘action packed’...the wrong kind that is. Our meaning of ‘adventure’ was travelling on our own and doing everything from booking of flights, accommodation, staying with the locals, food, sightseeing, travelling and going around speaking no/little  Spanish.  We did not anticipate a robbery. Losing a backpack was bad enough.  Then mugged and robbed at knifepoint! To both of us, that only happened in movies.  We were not supposed to be the stars.  We talked incessantly about the incident the next few nights. We laughed (glad we were still able to) and hubby said, "It was worth every Euro lost".  We get to experience fear for real and a valuable lesson learnt. That was not be too complacent no matter how safe a place may seem.  Oh, that would be something we do not recommend trying. LOL. Would I go back to Barcelona?  I do not think so.  The local authorities need to beef up the city's safety and security.  :o( 

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