Monday, March 26, 2012

In someone's

"She bought me a pair of scissors!” I exclaimed excitedly to my husband.  He looked at me startled. I did not ask but I think he thought I must have lost it or something.  What was the excitement over a mere pair of scissors?  We have so many kinds of scissors in the house.  My friend MB went to New Zealand recently for a holiday.  We are old friends (we had been ‘disconnected’ and then ‘reconnected’ again.)  Yet, it took us six weeks plus of to set a date.  MB asked if I would like Thai or Japanese food.  I chose neither one of them.  I then suggested Agua @ Straits Quay as this place serves Spanish food.  I used Spanish food to entice her to say yes.  I may sound 'wicked' but I had wanted to pay Agua a visit since reading about it in the local daily.
Finally, the day arrived and we met each other at Straits Quay.  The excitement of seeing each other...Hugs, two kisses (we are good old friends) and we made our way to our venue.  We walked into Agua and wah...the place looked wonderful for a nice meal. The seating arrangement looked just nice for us.  The tables were quite widely spaced out.  We needed that, as would be doing lots of 'cakap-cakap' (talking in our National Language).  We had a lot of catching up (we always do) as it had been a few months since our last lunch date. Yours truly could not contain her excitement anymore (I asked myself "What are in those bags?"...hahaha) I told Mentri Besar later that I had wanted to ask what were in the two bags she brought along the minute we sat down.  Then again, we had to place our order for food first.
Looked ordinary but Not.
After ordering the food, MB took out what she bought me.  It was a pair herbs scissors, a bottle of organic Manuka Honey and some other stuff. (I think no need to tell so much here.)  No wonder she came with three bags, one handbag and two bags for me. Aahahaa.  
After a while, the food arrived. We 'cakap-cakap' more as we dig in. We laughed, we walked down memory lane...we shared good moments. I would think the patrons at the next table must have thought we have not met for a very long time.We had plain water with the food and I suggested Sangria.  I wanted MB to try the drink.  We had a first glass divided between the two of us, as I knew of the alcohol in it.  After the first glass, we both felt fine.  There was still so much to talk. In addition, Mentri Besar had photographs to show me of her holidays.  She had brought along her iPad. How clever of her.  I decided that it really would do no harm to have another glass of Sangria.  After all, we were having such good fun and time together.  
Sangria-enjoy but be careful of the after effects.
It was after the second glass (also shared between the two of us) that we felt somewhat different. We decided to stop for the day (as it was way past lunchtime @ Agua).  There was a flea market there.  We decided to check it out. As we walked around Straits Quay, the alcohol started to do its trick.  Molly felt high and I went red. I felt like I was 'floating a bit walking'. It was time to head for our cars.  By the time I reached home, I was the colour of beetroot.  The shock H showed on his face!  I had to convince him that I went out with Mentri Besar and no other person. I could not remember the percentage of the alcohol in Sangria but it really 'has got kick'.  We had such a wonderful time together.  Enjoying delicious food, each other’s good company and…being high in the afternoon…LOL.  We were lucky to be able to drive and reached home safely. 
Snip, snip...I am made up of six blades!
I was so excited I got down to 'experimenting' with the pair of herbs scissors the minute I settled in.  Whoa, it was no ordinary pair of scissors almost immediately.  It has six blades instead of the normal two (in an ordinary pair of scissors).  Even if she had thought of me. I would not have expected such a wonderful albeit useful gift.  All I can say is a very thoughtful friend and someone who is like-minded.  Mentri Bear knows me well...shall I say too well?  I would never have imagined her coming back with the gifts she bought me.  It suited me well and...How in the world did she find out that I did not own a pair of herbs scissors?  How thoughtful and dear can a friend be?
The pictures above will describe my excitement over owning such a wonderful gadget.  It will come as something useful in my everyday cooking.  I could not stop using it.  I snipped many things with it.  
A bottle of Organic Manuka Honey!  As one is aware, Manuka Honey is expensive (here) when compared with the ordinary honey.  I know as I have seen bottles of them on sale in the shops and at Straits Quay Flea market (different brands though).  Price is one thing.  Lugging home a heavy luggage with this heavy stuff!  The thought of what MB did warmed my heart.  It was not an ordinary bottle of Manuka Honey.  The name on the bottle is the same as the name of the person who runs the bee farm and the bottled honey.  MB is such a dear to have brought this specialty thing home all the way from NZ...for me!  I was so touched that she thought of me (even during her holidays).  I have yet to open the bottle of honey.  It is not because I do not want to taste it but I am saving for the right moment to open and savour it. MB told me the honey is good for use when I have a sore throat...etc.  As I have said to (MB) is not the price or the amount. It was the thoughtfulness on her part.  That touched me. Expensive gifts do not 'buy' good friends.  MB agreed. I could not thank her enough. No like-minded person and a thoughtful would have bought these gifts (the above-mentioned ones, one in the fridge and the rest...inside my hubby's and my stomachs. They are much appreciated, treasured and enjoyed. Cheers…to many more outings, fun time, and a lasting friendship!:o)

Please take note. Agua @ Straits Quay has since closed. boohoo...

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