Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Bird Story...ends

The fledgling's disappearance was unfathomable. It was there just a few moments ago. The sun was scorching hot and I wanted to walk away.  How to find something so little in such mess?  Guilt overrode everything.  I decided to search further as the birds chirping were so disheartening. 
I let out a “Oh, oh you are here".  My heart thumped when I saw the little one 'sprawled' (with wings outstretched) in the drain on top of a pile of rubbish. “Please tell me that you are alive,” I thought to myself.   I scooped it with both my palms and ran with it into the house. 
I did not know what else to do except to give it a few drops of water.  Imagine my elation when it swallowed the two drops of water and then let out..."Tweet".  Oh my, I would have jumped had my hands been empty.  The fledgling is breathing and alive.  Happiness inside my heart was beyond description.  
The little one stood up on its feet and I quickly grab my camera.  I had to be very careful not to frighten it.  The camera was bulky and this little one was small and fragile.  Whatever it was, I managed to operate the camera with the fledgling on one palm and the camera on the other.  It was quite a task but I was so glad I managed to capture so many pictures of this beautiful little one.  I think I took about ten pictures.  I was so 'greedy'.  Then again, how often…just how often do I get to experience such a beautiful moment. I mean having a fledgling sitting quietly in my palm.
I have never come so close to a baby bird.  I could not help myself from stroking (very gently) the feathers. The fledgling was comfortable on my palm.  It moved a little and shifted its position.  Ooo...the feathers were so soft it felt like cotton wool.  
Mama bird was chirping ever so anxiously outside in the garden.  I think she must be worried sick so I decided to end my close and wonderful encounter time with the fledgling.  I put it back into the nest.  To my thinking, that was the best solution. I stood for a while and decided to capture a shot.  Picture below showed the fledgling lying snugly inside the nest.
I stood nearby and kept a watch on the nest.  To my surprise, I saw the fledgling's head.  For me, it was a rare and beautiful sight.  The fledgling looked so cute peeking out of the nest.
I noticed that there were two birds with different feathers chirping loudly.  I presume them to be 'mama' and 'papa' bird calling out to their little one.  A little while later, the fledgling flew out of the nest. The chirping, the tweets (there were other young birds) this time around was different.  It sounded beautiful to my ears.  Harmoniously beautiful melody to my ears and it made me sing in my heart.  It was such a wonderful feeling (small act though) seeing the birds reunited. 
There were a few similar kinds of birds flying and chirping.  I presume they must be from the same brood.  I think this last fledgling to fly the nest...it would be safe.  
I took a last picture of the nest a few days after the fledgling and others left that little corner (just to be sure). The nest lasted right until the fledglings flew out.  And, I thought it was such a flimsy looking nest.  Who was wrong...? 
Happy ending. :o)

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