Monday, April 2, 2012

One dropped by for dinner...!

A week plus after I posted My Bird Story, the outside of my house sounded like spring. I know we do not have four seasons here (in Malaysia) but I used spring just to describe what it was like.  Birds were chirping and little ones tweeting away.  The three nestlings were learning to fly.  
I tried taking pictures of the fledgling but they were learning to fly and all over the place. They did not settle down at one place long enough for me to capture a picture of them.  However, I did managed to capture a few pictures of 'papa' bird (I presume it to be papa).  It was chirping away and swooping down to 'guide' the fledgling.  One of the fledgling even tried to 'get into' my car through the window (wound up).  It was a beautiful day and time as I sat there watching them. 
Pictures Below and Above--'Papa' Bird
I was telling H about the wonderful time I had with the 'birds' in the day when...we heard a loud tweeting sound.  We were watching television at that moment and both of us thought it came from the television and having our dinner.  Then it got louder and I asked, "Is there a bird in the house?”  Hubby disagreed.  Again, the tweeting came...and it got louder.  We started looking and at first, it was nowhere to be found.  I decided to follow the tweet and discovered a small black blog behind one of the cabinets.  "It is a fledgling and it is here!" I exclaimed excitedly. 
It was excessively low behind the cabinet for any one of us to reach and catch it.  I decided to use a brush and lightly tried to move it out from behind the cabinet.  It flew out and.....
There was frenzy in the living room.  The fledgling flew all over the place.  We ran all over trying to catch it.  Then it hit us, the windows and doors were opened. Hubby closed all the windows.  I had the fan switched off and the doors closed. Then the fledgling decided to fly again.  This time it flew and landed on hubby’s towel.  I thought it was clinging there for dear life.  For that one night, I was glad hubby decided to hang his towel on the chair (where it normally should have been inside the bathroom).  I tried to catch it but it flew out of my hand and landed on the floor at a corner. The sight of the 'little one' sitting in the corner was heart wrenching.  It looked frightened and gave out a loud tweet.  (I am not going to hurt you...I promise as I held the 'little one' in my hand. 
Frightened little one
We did not have any birdcage in the house so I made do with what was the next best available that was a rectangular basket.  I caught the bird and it kept there for the night to make sure it remained safe.  The fledgling was quite quiet during the night with just an occasional tweet let out.  We have preys outside the house in the forms of our two dear dogs and a tomcat that stalked around on the rooftop of the car porch. 
"Oh, oh, you are going to cekik (strangle) it to death", I said to hubby.  "No, I won't", he replied.  We were going to release it. It was daytime. I wanted to capture a picture before releasing it.  It was daytime...and we could hear mama bird (I presume it to be) was chirping worriedly.  I/We could not see 'mama' but could hear the anxious chirping.  She must be on the roof (somewhere near) as we could hear her chirping.

Frightened and tweeting away
Hubby released it and we noticed that it could hardly fly.  It flew somewhat unsteadily and landed on a dead branch some three feet away from where we stood.  Mama bird was still chirping anxiously and the fledgling looked here...
...there and finally flew to the roof of the car porch.  I think it was reunited with 'mama' bird.
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