Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Bird Story...Where are you...?

The day hubby and I released the fledgling; I went to the place where the nest was. I wanted to check if all the fledglings have flown the nest.  To my surprise, I saw a little one perched on a dead heliconia branch.  It was beneath where the nest hung. It looked so cute calmly perched on the dead branch. It did not tweet nor flutter. I decided to take a few pictures of the cute little thing.
The fledgling was sitting on the branch quietly.  There was not a tweet coming from it the whole time I was there.  Mama bird was nowhere to be seen and I reckon it could be somewhere looking for food.
cute fledgling
I left it alone after taking the few shots. (It looked so cute I could not resist taking a few shots.) It would be safe as the place it stood well hidden among the dead branches, dead leaves and the creepers.
A little into the afternoon I heard a bird chirping very loudly.  I peeked out of the window into the garden.  To my horror....!
I saw Miss Mischievous sitting in the lawn looking in the direction where the fledgling was. The sun was scorching hot and I know Miss Mischievous would not be in the hot sun.  I ran as quickly as I could outside to the garden. The fledgling...Was it still there.
Mama bird was chirping so loudly and even a fool could tell that it was not a happy chirp.  Even the nest was empty! What had happened to the fledgling?  There was anxiety and frenzy where the birds and yours truly were concerned.  

Initially, it was only 'mama' bird chirping worriedly and anxiously.  I was anxious too as the sun was scorching hot and the fledgling was nowhere to be seen or found.  
Then, I saw two more birds.  I know they were additional ones as mama (presumably) was still outside perched on the bamboo chirping ever so loudly.  I was getting anxious and the chirping made me feel worried.  Where was the little one?  I could not fathom the disappearance.  It looked well protected the day I discovered its existence.
With so many birds flying and hopping from branch to branch, I wanted to cry thinking of the unforeseen.  Could a snake have eaten it?  Had a monitor lizard managed to crawl in through the drain?  No, it was no possible as I had placed a wire mesh (with very small gaps) blocking the drain hole.  Then it struck me...Miss Mischievous.  She was in the garden under the hot sun!  Oh, my heart wept just looking at all the anxious birds flying about.  They must have been as desperate as I am as they flew quite closed to me. 
Out of sheer desperation, I called out to the dogs.  I gave them a good shelling and then checked Miss Mischievous' mouth inside and outside of her mouth.  Had she eaten the fledgling, I reckon a few feathers would be stuck somewhere around.  The TV series CSI, NCIS showed...well, there always had to be some evidence. Both dogs were clean, no traces of feathers or any blood.  Then, come to think of it.  The dogs are well behaved.  They had killed rats, monitor lizards even myna birds.  However, the dogs always left the carcasses alone and never ate any.  OH...little fledgling, where are you...?  I would not believe that it disappeared...just like that! :o(
To be continued...Click

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