Monday, May 28, 2012

They look not see!

"Three days, it was after three days, that he noticed", lamented a female friend of mine. My friend had her long hair cut to shoulder length and it took her husband three days to notice. Does that sound familiar where men are concerned?  I told her I share her grouses. I live with a young man and a younger man.  Age sensitive so I call them such in the house. The young man is of course my husband.  Whenever we women sit down to talk, we have almost the same things to rant about.  Men, they look but they do not see.  I can drop a piece of clothing on the floor and both men will walk over it and not see. It (the piece of clothing) can be sitting there and no one man will notice it. Another friend lamented that her husband will use one coffee mug then leaves it lying (in front of him) and takes another for another cup of coffee!  Oh my…I will not be able to finish this post if I go on. 
We got home from dinner the other night and young man was the first one to go into the house.  He had to open the door with the key and walk inside.  I was outside and called out to him to pass the packet of fish food left on the table.  He walked out to the garden to hand the packet of fish food to me.  Noticed that he had walked in and out of the house twice.  He did look but he did not see.  He had to look where he was going, to get into the house. Do you know what he did not see?  A snake coiled near the door.  After I had finished feeding the fishes in the pond, I proceeded to the door (I had to, to get into the house.)  Yikes! I screamed.  There is a snake in the house.  Young man replied from the sitting area. "Where?" I just walked in.  I did not see it.  Obviously, he did not.  "It is there at the door", I shouted.  By then I had climbed up and sat on the front cover of the car.  Yes, I am terrified of snakes.  Young man came and stood at the door, "Where?”  I pointed to the snake.  "Oh!"  It is a small one.  He behaved nonchalant and said, "No wonder I did not see it".  Now, how big is big?  Is it just his ego?  He did not want to admit that he missed seeing the snake (calling it small). Or...he has bad eyesight? I would say both. (LOL)
"Please look and see!" I called out. By then, the snake had tried to slither and I was hysterical.  Luckily, the floor was slippery so it could not slither very far into the house.  I got down from the car only when young man had put the slimy thing inside the pail. "Earthworms are small" I said when I had the courage to peek into the pail before it was taken to be released into the jungle nearby. Gosh, it was something like three feet long. Yet, grand young man called it small.  Goodness gracious, how can that be called a small one.  To me it was big as big can be. I would have gotten angry with him for making me sit on the car (the engine was still hot) for such a long time. Anyway, I did not as he was sweet to take some pictures for me. No, I would not want to follow was my answer to his question. Therefore, he went on his own as there was no way I would get into the car for the ride to the jungle together with the slimy thing. That was where it was released :o)