Saturday, June 9, 2012

So this is a Panini Maker...

I first came across Panini (pressed and toasted sandwich) when I was visiting Spain.  I peeked inside the ‘kitchen’ and saw the grill they used.  It was something I had not seen before.  I decided to look for one and found one that said "Panini Maker" on the box.  It was the first time I have seen a Panini maker.  It is unlike a sandwich toaster, which makes only toasted sandwiches.  I thought a post like this would enable others to know more on what a Panini maker is.
A Sandwich Toaster
The first time I used the maker I had my meat cut too chunky.  The only thing I did right was have the meat pre-seasoned.  When the meat is too chunky, it takes a longer time to grill it and cooked. 
Homemade bread would be better than store-bought ones.  Store-bought bread is too soft and it made the bread become biscuit like.  I used rye bread, which I baked.  
Everything looked good on the plate but we had a hard time with the grilled meat. We had trouble ‘sawing’ the chunky pieces of meat.  In addition, the meat was not so tender due to the longer time needed to cook it. (Laughters)

The second time around, I did a better job (I think).  I recalled the 'Panini' we had in Spain uses rolls so this time I have rolls made. The rolls I made were Honey Oatmeal rolls.  
I also remembered to grease the grill.  It was something I did not know I had to do, when I used it the first time.
I remembered to slice the meat into thinner slices thus enabling it to cook in a shorter time.  
The sandwiches turned out better tasting with the meat being juicier.  I prefer mine with grilled rolls (real Panini I called them) whereas hubby preferred his with rolls not grilled.

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