Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Miss a He! came from the house opposite of ours.  That went on for a few days. I noticed the owners of the house (husband and wife) were away but their daughter was around.  On the third/fourth day, the meowing got very loud.  It sounded like the little animal was in distress. Just when I thought, I would go over and check it out, the meowing stopped. Ah...I noticed that the owners were back.  After the meowing stopped, I have a dog belonging to the neighbour (next to our house) barking incessantly from 8:30 pm until about 1 am. When husband came back from his dinner function, we walked our dogs. When we walked past the neighbour's house, the dog was still barking. We paid no heed. On our way, back I decided to walk right up to the gate and did this. I 'asked' the dog, "Hello, why are you barking non-stop?  You are disturbing me!”  It was then that I heard a faint meow. The street lamp was not working that night and it was quite dark.  From where the meow came from, it was pitch-darkness. I ran into the house (husband was already inside) and took a torch light. I told hubby that there is a kitten in the drain.  A shine and there...the tiny little thing clinging to some undergrowth in the drain for dear life.  The drain was too narrow and deep for hubby to get inside or reached for the kitten. Therefore, hubby had to use a 'cangkul' and gently guide the kitten into it.  Once out of the drain, hubby decided to put the kitten back to the outside garden (rock garden of sorts) of the house opposite.  To hubby, he thinks the mother cat will come looking for the kitten.  I prayed that the rain would not come in the wee hours of the morning and that; mother cat would come for the kitten.  The rain did not cooperate.  It came and heavily it did at 5 am.  I tossed and turned in bed. Then told myself I have to. I have to go outside and look for it...Ailurophobia or not.  Yes, I suffer a certain degree of that phobia. I went outside and looked for the kitten.  I found it in the middle of the road all drenched and shivering. I brought it into the house.  So began my walk...heretofore unseen and unknown in my life so for a kitten.
I had on gloves that reached my elbow due to my fear when I handled her. Kitty's fear of me was the same as mine of her (I think). She meowed the whole time.  She did not sleep and neither did I.  A saucer of milk and some biscuits failed to quieten her.  I fed her human biscuits. Come on…How was I to know that she did not like milk and human biscuits? So come bright sunlight, I searched on the web (on the advice of a friend with similar interests) and got all the information I needed.  
Terrified each time she sees me. Likewise.
She hides underneath the dustpan but climbs up and sleeps in it when she is tired.
I gave her a bowl of food.  She could not eat.  She had trouble biting them. Then I found out that it had to be soaked with water (from the instructions on the box).  For this part, it was the same as what I would do for puppies. (How dumb could I be.) Of course, for puppies, they consume an enormous amount every feed. If that was not enough of a mistake, I gave her a completely full bowl. When she ate just a small portion of it, I started to worry and lamented to husband that this little one is sick.  It was only when husband looked at the amount and burst out laughing that I realised.  A kitten does not need that large an amount of food. LOL.  
By the third day, kitty has a name.  A close and dear friend 'christened' her Blue. I call her Miss Blue.  She has beautiful blue eyes.  She eats well and seemed to have settled in. I feed her. I cleaned her litter box.  Occasionally, I will use a finger to touch her head and give her a little tickle under her chin and neck.  That was the most I could bear. I have yet to muster up enough courage to allow her to come and brush against my legs or body.
Miss Blue is an amazing kitten.  I did not have to toilet train her.  She would eat then she would play with all the stuff I gave her.  After tiring herself, she would go to her 'bed' and sleep.  When she wakes up, she goes into the litter box and poop.  I had no inkling that caring for a kitten would be such a breeze.  However, I still have my fear of her.  
By this time, Miss Blue had begun to look for human company.  I keep her in the bathroom with a plank about three feet tall blocking the doorway.  Each time I stand near the door and go 'meow'...she would quickly go up a block of wood, which I put inside for her to scratch.  Watching her perched up on the wood and getting ready to spring was a joy.  She was not able to jump over the plank and get out.  It was quite a distance between the block of wood and door. Therefore, each time she tried, she will land on the floor, get up and give me that startled look.  Those times were interesting and fun.
The startled look
This was the bowl (above picture) I had filled with all the food (the first time I fed her cat food).  I found out that it was easier for her to eat from a bowl than a plate. She eats little each feed so I feed her three times a day.  I enjoy watching her eat.
Evening time is her 'outside time'.  She is 'let out' into the living area and everywhere else. Roam and explore she did. And, not only that, she climbed and jumped all over. By this time I had wanted to rename her Si Lompat or maybe Si Samseng. Ahaaha... I think cats have this natural inquisitive behaviour.
Miss Blue left nothing 'unexplored'.
On the fifth day, I noticed that she had a bump on her head.  Both hubby and I thought that she had bumped herself somewhere.  Her active and playful demeanour made us think we have little cause for worry. 

However, the next night I noticed that it had grown larger and I decided to touch it. It was soft and then it hit me that it could be an abscess.  By that time, the vet hours were over. Therefore, I told hubby I would take her to the vet to have the 'bump' checked out the next day.  Oh did I have time for that...No!  At 1 am when I gave her, her supper, I noticed her head soaking wet and realised that the 'bump' had burst.  The liquid was pus and it had dripped all over.  I...yes I, the Ailurophobia/felinophobia person had to do the job. Hubby had not the slightest idea what needed to be done.  Miss Blue made no fuss and laid her head calmly on my palm whilst I cleaned her head up.  I had some antibiotic cream applied and she was as good as new.  She pranced around me as I cleaned the surrounding area.  She seemed to be alright, as she ate heartily and was frisky.  Phew… Then, the next shock.  I found a centipede about two inches long when I lifted the rags out for changing.  That could have given her the bump. The drainage hole in the bathroom has since been taped up to prevent any unwelcomed creepy crawlies.
I decided to take her to the vet the next day for a check-up.  Yes, I did it!  I held her in my palms and put her into a basket for the journey to the vet.  She was a darling.  She sat quietly inside whilst I did the registration of her visit. 
The veterinarian cleaned the wound up and applied some medication.  The wound was not septic.  At one month old, he is still too young to have his vaccination.  A deworm tablet was given to him. A small tub of medication was prescribed and it is now my job to 'close-up' the wound.  
Miss Blue is a He!  Oh yes, I even messed the sex of this little kitty up.  That goes without a doubt that I am not a cat person.  Naturally, the veterinarian laughed and said "first time with a cat?" I was informed Miss Blue is a month (or so) old and weighed 600gms. Wasn't it such a joke that it took us seven whole days to find out the 'actual' gender of Blue.  Even hubby made a mistake!  Now Miss Blue is officially certified a He!  :o)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Joy in winning...

FOX Channel Asia ran a contest recently.  All that was required was watching the Castle 4 series that ran weekly on the FOX channel.  What one had to do was catch a picture/shot of Castle and Beckett in a scene (changed weekly) and submit the picture. That was what I did.  I actually took pictures of two weeks' shows.  The first few shots I took, I did not bother to submit.  Call me a sceptic for at that moment I was.  I did not bother to do anything with the pictures.  As I thought, come on, 4 million viewers (that was what I heard on TV)...I cannot be that lucky.  I left it as that and forgot everything about it.
The following week I watched the show again.  I heard the announcement and decided to take out the camera and took a few pictures.  This time I have to catch Castle and Beckett in the 'haunted house'.  Hubby watched me with amusement as I focused the camera on the television.  He did not know what was going on.  When I announced I am going to enter the contest, he gave me a cynical smile. "Urghh...wipe that smirk off your face", I told him.  I took a few pictures and finished watching the show.  It was around twelve midnight when I remembered the pictures.  "Never mind, I told myself ", I will send them tomorrow. The next day I sent in the entries.  One for 'smirk face' (LOL) and one for myself.  
Imagine the elation when I received an email from FOXAsia informing that I am one of the winners of the contest.    I was thrilled.  A book prize was what I won. An animated copy of Richard Castle's book.  'Smirk face' still did not believed that I have won (I think) from the look on his face when I told him about the email.  The email stated that I am to wait for 21 days for the delivery.  Wait...wait, I did.  I waited for 22 days...Then a month went by. It was anxiety followed by scepticism.  I was still waiting.  I decided to send an email to FOXAsia enquiring about the book.  I just have to write.  I was having trouble blocking 'nasty thoughts' cropping up in my head. (Laughters.)
Euphoria! The book arrived after a month and a week. The waiting game was over. A couriered package all the way from Hong Kong and inside, a book bubble wrapped.  It was not a fraud and I have to admit I did think it was with all the waiting. Yeah, those were the (evil) thoughts lurking inside my head.
The book is beautiful.  It is a hardcover book with glossy pages.  Boy, am I lucky or what. Sure am glad I decided to participate. For me, there is always happiness in winning a contest and with a prize...sheer joy :o) 
**Thank you FOX Channel Asia for running the contest.