Saturday, July 14, 2012

Joy in winning...

FOX Channel Asia ran a contest recently.  All that was required was watching the Castle 4 series that ran weekly on the FOX channel.  What one had to do was catch a picture/shot of Castle and Beckett in a scene (changed weekly) and submit the picture. That was what I did.  I actually took pictures of two weeks' shows.  The first few shots I took, I did not bother to submit.  Call me a sceptic for at that moment I was.  I did not bother to do anything with the pictures.  As I thought, come on, 4 million viewers (that was what I heard on TV)...I cannot be that lucky.  I left it as that and forgot everything about it.
The following week I watched the show again.  I heard the announcement and decided to take out the camera and took a few pictures.  This time I have to catch Castle and Beckett in the 'haunted house'.  Hubby watched me with amusement as I focused the camera on the television.  He did not know what was going on.  When I announced I am going to enter the contest, he gave me a cynical smile. "Urghh...wipe that smirk off your face", I told him.  I took a few pictures and finished watching the show.  It was around twelve midnight when I remembered the pictures.  "Never mind, I told myself ", I will send them tomorrow. The next day I sent in the entries.  One for 'smirk face' (LOL) and one for myself.  
Imagine the elation when I received an email from FOXAsia informing that I am one of the winners of the contest.    I was thrilled.  A book prize was what I won. An animated copy of Richard Castle's book.  'Smirk face' still did not believed that I have won (I think) from the look on his face when I told him about the email.  The email stated that I am to wait for 21 days for the delivery.  Wait...wait, I did.  I waited for 22 days...Then a month went by. It was anxiety followed by scepticism.  I was still waiting.  I decided to send an email to FOXAsia enquiring about the book.  I just have to write.  I was having trouble blocking 'nasty thoughts' cropping up in my head. (Laughters.)
Euphoria! The book arrived after a month and a week. The waiting game was over. A couriered package all the way from Hong Kong and inside, a book bubble wrapped.  It was not a fraud and I have to admit I did think it was with all the waiting. Yeah, those were the (evil) thoughts lurking inside my head.
The book is beautiful.  It is a hardcover book with glossy pages.  Boy, am I lucky or what. Sure am glad I decided to participate. For me, there is always happiness in winning a contest and with a prize...sheer joy :o) 
**Thank you FOX Channel Asia for running the contest.

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