Saturday, August 11, 2012

Purr...what it was to me!

The nasty sting by the centipede bothered Blue little.  It began to heal in the next few days after a few application of the ointment prescribed by the vet. I think the wound bothered me more than it did Blue.
One minute the ointment is there (after I applied it) and the next it was gone…all rubbed off by Blue’s playful demeanour. Times when I am busy with work, Blue entertains himself.  He loved anything that rolls or is sort of round.  I had rags tied up into a small round with ends jutting out.  He adored that lump of rag. 

By the end of the week, Blue had managed to find a way to stand on the block of wood and jump out of the bathroom. By then, we felt it was time (he had adapted himself) to allow him to have the room and the bathroom.  We joked that he is one 'lucky' kitten as he now has a room with an attached bathroom.  LOL. While Blue learnt to get out of the bathroom, I learnt something too...Purr.  For someone (me that is) who has never handled a kitten/cat so closely, this particular sound made by Blue was something alien in my world of sound.  For so many days, each time I heard that sound coming from Blue, I thought he was hungry.  Yeah, I thought it was his stomach growling. I would proceed to give him another portion of food only to see him refused it.  Of course, I complained to hubby that this little fella is funny.  His stomach growled even after I had fed him. One day when Blue made that sound, I quickly handed him over to hubby.  He gave such a guffaw I think he terrified Blue. "This is the sound of him purring", said hubby.  "Huh, purring", said I with eyes widely opened.  Heavens me, throughout my entire life (until now) I have no idea how a cat purred. I have never held a cat. Hubby had not laughed so much as he thought it was the biggest joke.  I definitely did not think so as; I was the butt of it.

Getting out of the bathroom was not enough for Blue.  Next, he decided to appoint himself ‘Chief Inspector'.  Whenever he was 'let out' into the living area, he would climb onto hubby's bag when hubby returned from work.  Then he would sniff, paw and 'inspect' everything.  Some days I would find him, 'missing' and he would appear from the bag when I called out..." Blue".

I think Blue loved his position as 'Chief Inspector'.  He inspected everything.  He even inspected my feet and toes.  When he decided to make his inspection more thorough by using his claws to check in between my toes, I have to put on my socks when I sit and work at the table. Just in case... he 'makes another of his thorough inspection'! 
Blue inspected everything.

Playtime was fun for Blue and all of us.  Good entertainment was how I would describe the time. He loved to play ‘hunt and prey’ with his prey being hubby's fingers.  The hunting game could last for hours without Blue showing any sign of tiredness.  I nicknamed him 'pocket dynamite'.  I cannot imagine the enormous amount of energy this little creature have.
Blue surprised me one night with his body moves.  One moment he hissed and spit, then the next...he became a contortionist.  The first time he did the contortion act, he had me in so much laughter there were tears in my eyes.  It was amusing watching him play but I was content being a spectator and photographer of those precious and hilarious moments. 

Watching Blue contort his body made me think he has a body made of rubber!  It was so hilarious. I have never seen any animal (puppies for me so far) that playful and so full of tricks.

If I say that Blue continued playing for hours without stopping then I would be telling a lie.  Nevertheless, believe me, he will stop when he is thirsty and needed to 'go to the toilet'.  He will sit and start to lick his mouth, walk around a bit and then...give a 'meow'.

I do not know why but he always ends up coming to where I sit.  Then, he would sit, stare at me and then give a meow.  Do not ask me why or how I knew that Blue is thirsty or maybe he needed a toilet break. I take it that it was just instinct. I supposed it was motherly instinct.  I would then take him to ‘his room’ and put him down on the floor. He would head straight for the water bowl.  Then, he would go and pee sometimes even poop!  Is he not an amazing kitten?

After the toilet break, sometimes Blue would decide not to play with hubby. He would choose to disturb me instead. He would climb (he was still unable to jump up) onto the sofa next to where I sat.  From there he would jump onto my lap. At that time, I was still not quite comfortable with him on my body. I would gently remove him and placed him on the floor.  He would do it a couple of times until I give up. Since he did it more than once, I think he did it on purpose just to taunt me. LOL.

"Alright, I told him, you win.  You can have the whole sofa," I said.  Once on the sofa, he would play with his shadow.  When that bored him, he would lie down and start to nod off.

Just like that, he fell asleep. I told hubby "now Blue had crowned himself King of the house!

Arrow--how Blue went out for a short stroll.

Having Blue in the house was not without minor hitches.  He decided to give me a panic attack one fine day.  I had allowed him to wander around the house (inside only).  It was after about two hours that I realised he was not with me in the sitting area.  He would normally come running to where I sat working whenever the dogs bark.  That day Blue did not come to me when the dogs barked.  I called out to him.  One call, two call.  There was no response.  I went to the 'his room', he was not there.  I went to the kitchen he was not there.  At that time, he had not learnt how to climb up the stairs still I took no chances.  I went upstairs. I could not find him.  I started to panic when I realised I had left the windows next to the sofa open.

Blue had gone outside once and I feared the worst.  I went outside but the two dogs were sleeping peacefully.  I thought, "No, Blue could not have ended up in their stomachs".  It was only when I got inside and called loudly 'Blue...come here boy, boy' that I noticed something wriggling under the two huge cushions I had on the sofa.  I started laughing to myself and quickly grabbed my camera. 
There he was, slowly wriggling himself out from in between the two big cushions.
He took a peeked at me, gave a meow and decided to wriggle back inside. Oh my, this little one sure has many surprises in store for me.

Finally, Blue decided to come out of the cushions.  I had to give him a little piece of my mind for the panic he gave me.  He just sat there listened and said meow. LOL. :o) ** By this time, Blue is around six weeks old.


Anonymous said...

He is such an intelligent kitten! I love d last pic of him. said...

TQ. He is photogenic.LOL. He is intelligent alright. Cheeky. With so much human contact and none of his kind I think he behaved like a 'human' kitty. Best Wishes to you. :o)