Monday, December 31, 2012

My first glimpse of....United States of America.

I took no photographs as we arrived quite late in the night. Except for a few aviation personnel, the place looked desertedl. I was knackered after flying for about 25 hours. Oh my, JFK airport is huge. There are so many arrival halls. By the time we got to the right one, the hotel shuttle had left! After walking around with hubby lugging one big luggage plus one smaller one, we were directed to the taxi area. I like the taxi system used. A staff operating the taxi stand issued an invoice like paper to us. All we did was get into the taxi.  It was metered taxi. (We need not have to ask!)
Once we entered the neighbourhood, I noticed many blacks loitering around. That gave me the creeps. Sorry, but it is the truth…Blacks freaked me out after what happened to us in Spain last year. The journey took about 40 minutes.  My first glimpse of the States…It was scary. The taxi driver a black kept talking about Jamaica. What Jamaica, I asked myself inwardly. I was in no mood to ask questions. I was feeling agitated. I was clammy and sticky.  I had not bathed for 24 hours and all I wanted hubby to do was check us into the hotel and…a hot bath! 

Besides cereal, the rest of the spread
We had breakfast provided by the hotel. My first American meal on American soil and it was good. What I liked was making my own waffles! Waffles that I had back home were bought from the mall. We had a nice breakfast and met some friendly people. Hmmm...after the alarming sights the night before I could help wondering...What lies ahead? 
After breakfast, hubby and I decided to take a short stroll outside. So, this is Jamaica, a neighbourhood in the New York City borough of Queens. I could see the place better in broad daylight. The houses looked rather old and the place a little run-down. Then again, I told myself there was little cause for worry, as we are not going to stay there.
Our taxi driver arrived to take us to Union City where we will put up. His friendly and jovial demeanour rather put back into my relaxed mood about the mixed feelings I had about my decision on this vacation in...The United States.
The ride to our destination was interesting.  The driver pointed out buildings to us and told us interesting stories of his life. The sad thing was this writer could not remember any names as her heart was fluttering with excitement at the thought of stepping soil in the United States of America! Ah…Finally! All I remembered was Lincoln Tunnel. A tunnel we were to go through daily. The taxi fare will be remembered as well.  It was the most expensive we have paid in our life (so far). It cost us a whopping US$120! And...The vacation starts.:o)

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