Thursday, January 10, 2013

More in Washington DC...

We passed by a colourful house with creative garden display, daily on our way to the subway station. I loved the creativity of the owner. I have never seen a more interesting garden piece and paintwork. I had wanted to take a picture with the owner of the house but no one ever came outside (whenever we passed by). 
There are many tourist places to visit in Washington DC and both of us wanted to visit as many as we could. Our day (on that particular day) started with Pentagon. From Columbia Heights subway station, we disembarked at Pentagon station. There are buses that ply this route too but husband has a phobia of buses (just joking). We never use bus as a mode of transport as my husband told me we might get off at the wrong bus stop. It is unlike New York City where the buses go to one point--Port Authority Station. The subway is the easiest and cheap mode of transport. We use a daily pass, which cost US$14 for unlimited travel. There are others (click) but husband worked out the cost and for the duration of our stay, the daily pass was what we needed. 
I had no idea there was a Pentagon Memorial until we arrived in Washington DC. This is an open area and is open to the public with no entrance fee. I know little of the memorial and I think Wikipedia has more than I know. What I know is…There is a restroom for both sexes. I must say I am impressed that a public facility like the restrooms was generally clean (when I used it). That goes to show the mentality of the citizens. 
Husband was only able to take a picture of the Pentagon from afar. There were signs indicating no photography after we entered the vicinity of the Pentagon through a security checkpoint. However, it was a different directive around the memorial area.
The walk to the memorial was without any form of shade from the exit point of the subway to the memorial.  I saw many army personnel in their army uniforms. I wanted so much to take a picture (not allowed in that area).  It was quite a distance to walk and public transport are not allowed inside. There is no shade in any form and the sun was shining. By the time, we reached the memorial site I was hot and all flushed up and it is winter.
Pentagon Memorial
From the Pentagon memorial, we took the Metro at Pentagon station to Arlington Cemetery station. It was quite a distance to walk to the cemetery. 
Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee memorial (up on the hill)
Arlington National Cemetery
View from the hill inside Arlington National Cemetery
Graves of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Family (notice the Eternal Flame)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
I spotted Lincoln Memorial at the very far end of the road. We will visit it before we leave Washington DC.  I have enough of walking for the day..:o)

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