Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New York City...everything is expensive!

The Commuters
The bus was our usual mode of transport from Union City, New Jersey to New York City and our stop was the Port Authority Bus Terminal, the gateway to New York City.   The bus conductors only accept exact payment. They do not dispense any change. They also do not accept cash from after 10 pm. As such, husband would purchase bus tickets for the forth-coming trips. He also purchased the subway tickets here but at a level below. For a four trip ticket (for subways), he only paid US$9. That meant a discount of US$1. Wee...haahaaa.
World War II East Coast Memorial
We started our day walking from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to Battery Park. When we reached, we found Liberty Island closed to visitors due to damages by Hurricane Sandy. There was only the harbour tour was still available.  It was a one-hour cruise up to Brooklyn Bridge and back for US$24 per person. We consider ourselves lucky, as there was still a cruise to catch a view of the Statue of Liberty from a closer view. Some one told me 'no visit to New York City will be complete without a visit to Liberty Island'. I told my husband as we walk out of Battery Park this...'my visit to New York City when we leave will be half-full'. 
Lower Manhattan
Ellis Island
Ellis Island Immigrant Hospital
Ellis Island Immigration Museum
The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island
Brooklyn Bridge (foreground) and Bridge of Manhattan (back)
Brooklyn Bridge
Bridge of Manhattan
There are other cruises provided by Statue Cruises besides the one we took. Some passengers purchased their tickets online but we bought ours at the pier. We were lucky, as the ferry was just about to leave when we arrived.
Walking along the streets of New York City was interesting for me even in the rain. I told my husband that even if we were caught in the rain, we could easily get one on the street. There was a man hawking his umbrellas at the corner of the street. I stood for a while and watched the man. Two women stopped by to purchase the umbrellas. It was something I do not see back home, hawking of umbrellas in such manner.
Man selling umbrellas

The rain did not stop and walking on the streets of New York City was not easy. There are still a lot of pedestrians. With an opened umbrella, it made walking even worse. We walked past Madame Tussauds and decided to walk back. We decided to while away our time inside the wax museum and hope the rain would stop when we finished our tour of the museum. We paid US$36 per person for the tickets. (For online ticket purchases, there is a 20% discount.)
Whoopi Goldberg (at the foyer)
Taylor Lautner
Robert Patterson
Salma Hayek
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Princess Diana
Ernest Hemingway
Marilyn Monroe
United States Post Office
The rain had stopped when we got out of the museum and the sky has gotten dark as well. We caught a view of the Empire State Building. It looked beautiful all lighted up. As we approached the building there were a group of men in yellow (or was it orange) T-shirts. One of them approached us and asked if we would like to purchase some tickets. For US$57, we could inside the building immediately and did not have to queue.  We would be able to skip the ticket line at the entrance and go straight to the observation deck. A movie would also be included in the ticket. We bought two tickets.
Empire State Building in the evening

Paying US$57 was expensive to me until I saw the panoramic view. I could only gasp as I soaked in the distant skyline painted in phosphorescent hues from the observation deck (86th floor). The whole scenery had me dazzled.
An online check gave me different offers. You can buy tickets to go up to the top that is the 102nd floor. We were not given that option. Therefore, I would suggest that if you intend to visit the Empire State Building, buy your tickets online.
This Kong rocks!
**to be continued...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very expensive to visit NYC! I think I visit via Astro will do..

joogyee said...

Friend, expensive but being there is different (what to do, we earn in ringgit.)