Friday, June 20, 2014


I was sitting at the patio with Miss Munch, our cat (Yes, I now have a cat!)  when my husband walked towards us. "I do not think you will like what I have to tell you", he said. He just came back from his walk with the dogs. “Yeah?” was my reply.  “I heard a loud meow near the bushes and the dogs went sniffing. I took a peek and I think there is a kitten there” he continued.  I raised my eyelids and looked at him. What should I say? We already have a cat.  As, we sat at the patio talking and playing with the pets we heard...’MEOW MEOW!’  After a while it stopped.  I told hubby, I think the mommy cat has returned to her baby. With that said we went inside and got ready for bed. I never gave the kitten much thought.
The next day before I could say hello to my friend (on chat); she told me she has some bad news for me. “Oh…what is it”, I asked her. Blue (also an abandoned kitten) died, she told me. It was some virus that he caught. Sad as it is that he should die, I told her I am happy that he was given 2 plus years of happiness with Azliena, the woman who adopted him.  It was then that I remembered the kitten in the bushes. I told her about the ‘meow meow’ in the bushes and went as quickly as I could to check on the kitten. It was drizzling and I took along a carton box, just in case the kitten is still there.
I found the kitten after calling out “meow meow” and got a somewhat hysterical meow in reply. I think the breaking of the twigs and branches startled it. Where the kitten was, gave me a surprise.  It was in the middle of a bush of 'mother-in-law's' plant. Thick plot of it. Now, there is no way this kitten crawled there.  It would have landed in the drain like Blue. A section of the plants looked trampled. I think human hands put the kitten there. “HELLO… haven’t you people heard of SPCA or animal rescue organisations?” I wanted to shout down the street. It was drizzling. I have to protect this lump of mud from the rain I told myself. I tore the box open and put it above the bushes to protect it.The kitten really looked like a small lump of mud. I ran home. My conscience would not let me leave the kitten in the bushes. So, I called my husband and told him of my intention to bring the kitten home. He gave me the go ahead. At lightning speed, I got a pair of gloves, a little container and a pair of scissors to cut the plants away. I came back with the kitten in the container. It was soaking wet.
Oh goodness gracious, who did this? This looked like a newborn. I think the mother was still nursing it judging from the condition. It did not look scrawny. It is just tiny.  How long have you (I mean the kitten) been left there in the bushes (God knows how many hours before husband discovered it) and the many plus hours till I brought it home. That was the reason, it is weak. It is not going to die. All these thoughts ran through my mind.
I used a dropper I had in the house to feed it milk. Initially, I fed it diluted milk (half-strength). It didn’t respond well to the milk. Then I remembered what my Swedish friend taught me to prepare when I rescued Miss Munch.  Hmmm..Miss Munch that will be another story.
Next, I went searching for feeding bottles. The biggest pet shop told me they would get their stock the next day… and the next. I made three trips and I got nothing.  I decided to buy a bigger dropper from the pharmacy. Ahh….finally bliss when it is feeding time though not all the time. 
Two days after having the kitten in the house, I noticed something out of the ordinary. The kitten walked straight into the wall. It happened more than once. I took pictures of it and zoomed to take a look at the eyes.  The pupils appeared cloudy. I could not help thinking that this kitten is blind and that was why it was left in the bushes. However, the other two men gave me better ideas. They both think that this kitten is young. Give it time to grow and for the eyes to develop and…the genitals too.  All 3 heads and 3 pairs of eyes are still unable to tell whether this kitten is a He or She.  Ahaahaa… At least it is not just me alone. That is how hopeless we are with cats.
2 days passed and into the third day.  The kitten began to show signs of stress and discomfort.  It would crawl around in the box I placed it. It can’t really walk and the head would always be pressed to the ground.  I have strong feelings that it is blind. Evil thoughts started to creep into my head. I wanted to put it to sleep IF it is blind. To begin with, I am not really a cat person and to care for a blind kitten?  
Then some problem cropped up. Kitty started to go a little off food and restless. When it meows, it clearly sounded like a meow full of distress. I am beginning to feel helpless as even feeding time has become a war time. I decided to check the web (something I have been doing all this while) paying more attention. Not just glance and read from first to last line in say…10 minutes.  Massage the kitten? Oh, this kitten needed to be massaged to coax it to poo. No wonder the stomach looked big and felt hard and I thought it was a result of my good work.  It has been 2 days of no urine out and poop!!
I gave it a massage from the head till the tail. Common sense told me to do more near the tail part of the under body.  Shiiish…the urine came.  Oh my…it could have filled up to a litre. It was urine all over. Then kitten started to ‘Meeeooowww’ really loud.  It did that for a quite some time then the poop came.  Hooray…I did it. Yes!  Every time these acts are done, I will tell kitty this, “You are making the neighbors think that I am torturing you but, you really are enjoying it albeit all the ‘extremely loud meows”. 
Four, five days went by. Feeding and caring for kitty was light and easy.  It gives little problem.  Even poop-time is done swiftly with no struggle and mess. The loud meows, oh it is still there whenever the poop is coming out.  Massage was still needed for ease of pooping.  
It could hardly walk. It was crawling on it's belly
A visit to the vet did not provide husband and me a 100% confirmation. I asked the veterinarian to check how old the kitten is, the sex and to confirm if it is blind.  These were the answers given to me. Arr…the kitten is roughly 4 weeks old. What? (Said silently to myself). I know it could not be so old. Look, it could crawl and that is not done easily. It is possibly a male. Again a what do you mean by possibly. Does it mean it is a He now and in say 4 weeks time, it will be a She? On the eyesight.  Could be possibly blind. Let it walk. If it walks into the wall or something that means it is blind. I told the Vet that, that was precisely what it did. The reason I brought it to the clinic. Oh, then it could be blind. That could be the reason why it was 'thrown' into the bushes. I have no more ‘Whats’ to ask so I left it as that. I am beginning to wonder if all the visitations we make to this vet with our dogs and cats were worthwhile. You tell me. There really is little information given. I am thinking... I need to change my pets’ doctor.
It eats, it sleeps, and it plays. It is so adorable. How could anyone just dump it into the bushes? He/She did it just because the kitten is blind? Oh, I feel sad for this kitty and even more so for the person. 
Every time I am in the kitchen or when I have the time, I will let it out of the cage.  Right, we have bought it a cage. He (I am taking it as a He) will roam happily until such a time when he sensed (I think) that I am not around. There will be meow-meow and I will respond.  My voice like husband said, is what it has learnt to respond to.  I am more than 70% sure that this little kitty is blind.  Even the eyes are not growing any clearer.
Eight days with us and kitty has now learnt to use the litter box.  Joy…for me and for it.  It was a rather cute act. I enjoyed watching the kitten inside the litter box. 
I saw it scampering around.  Trotting happily all over the kitchen and I was happy. I am still hoping and praying that this kitten is not blind. Until I saw this…it scampered straight into the wall and a meow followed.  I guessed it was a hard bump and that hurt. My heart dropped. 
Whenever I can, I liked to sit and watch it play or sleep.  When it is sleeping, watching it never fail to bring a smile or a giggle. It looked so cute. Will I put it to sleep because of the darkness it lives in? Will I give it up for adoption? 
At this moment, the answer is this kitty is not ready. it me?  It has found its way into my heart and growing  Mr Moz is the given name. :o).(more stories…coming up)

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Quinn and Angel brandi said...

Give the sweetheart some toys with bells or rattles. Most kittens like this, and blind cats will chase the sound and have lots of fun, too.
Just found your blog, and am happy to meet another animal lover!