Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mr. Moz

What the vet told me I take it as correct. If the kitten keeps walking into the wall or in my case, the doors of the cabinets, then it is blind.  The age according to the is about 4 weeks old. Miss Munch was about 4 weeks old when I brought her to the vet to confirm. Blue was also about 4 weeks old. Both these kittens (I rescued) could eat kibbles soaked in milk. Both of them (Munch and Blue) could eat prepacked fish bought from the store.
The first thing I did when I got home was feed Mr. Moz fish from the packet. I thought that would be soft enough for it.  No, all Mr. Moz did was suck. I could hear sounds and the fish was not eaten.  It was getting dry. From what I could see, he was struggling with the food. Everything got pushed over/out of the bowl. 
Mr. Moz would sit and meow…meow…(it gets louder) whilst I cleaned the bowl and the fishy mess.  Different bowls were used to feed him the fish but nothing materialised. Then I thought maybe he does not like the fish.
So, I had the kibbles soaked in milk and gave it to him. He practically dived into the bowl for the food. He must be very hungry. I sat and watched. He made sounds. He was not eating. Again, he was sucking at the food! He was not getting the solid only the liquid. The food was getting dry. He is 4 weeks old; he should be able to eat soft food I told myself. He nosed the food around. His paws trampled on the food. He even falls asleep on the food. I have to lift him up and put him into the box to rest with food stuck on his paws. Then he would start to meow and become restless.  I got irritated. Everything was so frustrating. What is wrong with this kitten?  I sat in front of the cage. I stared at him. He meowed at me. Maybe he is less than 4 weeks old.
Then it dawned on me. The vet could have given me the wrong information. Mr. Moz is not 4 weeks old. My hubby told me that kittens, they grow very fast.  That could mean Mr. Moz was just a week or maybe two weeks old (he has a coat of fur) when I brought him home. Add 5 days till the visit to the vet; he would be roughly 2 weeks plus old. At most, 3 weeks.  I decided to go back to my earlier way of feeding him... milk using the dropper.  And... make a mouth check. Oh, Mr. Moz has no teeth! Only very hard gums.  
Ah…a sign of Mr. Moz doing well. Poop in the litter tray (improvised to give more space in the cage). 
He runs along the walls whenever he is let out to play. We take it that it is because he is blind. 
 His eyes are still cloudy and bluish in colour. According to the vet, he is blind. I have my doubts and still hoping and praying. :O)

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